Why did they volunteer for the Kamikaze?

Lieutenant Junior Grade Takamitsu Nishida

(June 15th 2002)

The National Pride

@ @Mr. Yamaoka Sohachi, who was a correspondent of the Imperial Navy Press at the time of the Pacific War, was assigned to Kanoya Navy Base. At the base, Mr. Yamaoka felt the Kamikaze pilotsf ggenerosity, freedom, audaciousness and irresistible beauty.h He always wanted to solve his question of why the pilots have the complete cheerfulness.

@@He finally found a pilot perhaps he could ask his question. The pilotfs name was Lieutenant Junior Grade Takamitsu Nishida. Before he joined the Navy, Lieutenant Nishida used to work for a national elementary school in his hometown from April 4th, 1942 to September 1943, as a 19 year-old teacher. He was adored by his 68 students as if he was an older brother of them. They continued to send letters to each other even after Lieutenant Nishida joined the Navy as a student pilot in reserve.

@@ gDo you really think that Japan can win this war? Arenft there going to be any regrets for you if Japan loses the war? What kind of inner conflict did you experience before you reached the mental status you have right now?h asked Mr. Yamaoka to Lieutenant Nishida, who was writing farewell letters to his students, sitting on an old tatami mat.

@@ Lieutenant Nishida heavily explained that every single person at the base has volunteered for suicide attack, and that pilots all have overcome the unsettled state of mind.

@@ gStudent Eagles* are intellectuals though we are not quite complete. We donft think that we could win the war easily. But even if we lose the war, what happens then? You see, our lives are connected to the conditions of the peace, and to the destiny of Japanese in the future. Yes, to the pride of our nation..c..h said Lieutenant Nishida at the end of the conversation.

Lieutenant Nishida

@@Two days earlier from the day of Lieutenant Nishidafs sortie, he was given a pair of new pilotfs boots. After he received the boots, he called Chief Petty Officer Katagiri, and said, gThere, those are for you. The sizes of my feet and your feet are same.h

@@Officer Katagiri, who was exactly looked like a young good man of a town, refused it, turning his face pale. gI cannot take them sir. Captainfs shoe sole is almost flapped off. Captain is about to make a sortiec I cannot take them,h said Officer Katagiri.

@@Then Lieutenant Nishida said, gDonft refuse. I know that you want to stride with new boots and a new muffler very well. This is an order. Take them. I am not going to fight with boots!h

@@When Lieutenant Nishida flew to the sky with a 500kg bomb, wearing his broken boots, Mr. Ya maoka left the line for the sending off and cried loudly.

(Translated by Mr.Ishiguro)



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