Corporal Kiyoshi Oishi 
"The last letter"

 My dearest Sei-chan!

 It's time to say goodbye. Your brother finally make a sortie. At the time you are receiving this letter I will be under the sea of Okinawa. I am really sorry to leave you alone after uexpected deaths of our father and mother,but please forgive me.

 I deposited my bankbook and stamp under your name as my memento. Pleae use them when you are about to enter junior high school. I send my watch and sword too. I left them in uncle Kinoshita's care, so sell them and get money. Your future is more important than my mementos.

 The propeller is already rolling. Well, It's time to go. I am going. Don't cry, Sei-chan. I am wishing you good luck!

(Translated by Mr.Ishiguro)