"The Last Letter"

Ensign Kiyoshi Ogawa

(Sep 24th 2004)

Ensign Kiyoshi Ogawa
Born in Gunma Prefecture
Graduated from Waseda Univ
IJN Kamikaze Special Attack Force Dai 7 Showa-tai (No.7 Showa-tai Force)
Died near South west islands in May 11th, 1945, 24 years old

Father and Mother:

Father and Mother. Finally, I will make a sortie as a member of the Special Attack Unit too. Now that I recollect that I have been brought up in the hands of you two for more than twenty years, my heart is full of gratitude. I totally believe that there is no one who could spend a happier life than me, and I have decided to repay for the Emperor and you.

I will make a sortie, flying over those calm clouds in a peaceful emotion. I can think about neither life nor death. A man should die once, and no day is more honorable than today to dedicate myself for the eternal cause.

Father and mother, please rejoice for me.

Especially I wish that my mother would take care of her health, and I also pray for everyone's prosperity. I will be in Yasukuni Jinja Shrine, praying for happiness of my father and mother.

I will go to the front smiling. On the day of the sortie too, and forever.

(From Eirei no Kotonoha ;Ogawa's familly /translated by Mr.Ishiguro)