The letter from Onosawa
(from bansei air base)

@Miss Shizue Oishi, I suppose you are surprised at the sudden letter from a stranger. I am a soldier who is in charge of Corporal Oishifs plane. Corporal made a sortie splendidly today. Before he takes off, he left this letter. I send it to you.

@ Corporal used to cherish a doll you had made for him very much. He always carried the small doll on the back of his cloth. Other pilots all hang dolls from their waists or from their parachutesf belts, but Corporal carried the doll on his back as if he was giving it a piggyback. He said that he would pity the doll if it gets scared when his plane is about to attack. When everyone was running toward the planes to get on, I could easily notice Corporal at a glance, because the doll was swinging as if it was clinging to him.

@I suppose Corporal always felt if he was with Shizue-chan. To go together c this is a word of Buddha. Whenever you feel pain, or you feel lonely, you are not alone. There is always Buddha right beside you, cheering you up. I suppose Corporalfs Buddha was you. But from today, Corporal will be your gBuddhah and always will watch over you.

@Corporal bravely crashed on an enemy carrier. I hope that Shizue-chan would cheer up and study hard so you can be as your great brother. Goodbye.

(Translated by Mr.Ishiguro)