"Dear Mother"

Ensign Yukinobu Hirota

(Sep 21 2003)

Ensign Yukinobu Hirota
Born in Niigata Prefecture
Daiichi (1st) Kamikaze Special Attack Force Hazakura-tai (leafy cherry tree)
Died in the sea near the Philippines in October 30th, 1944/ 21 years old

Dear Mother

  Dear Mother, I read your letters with delight. The seven-page letter you sent me last time made me cry. I read the letter again and again. I sent you money, however, I had no idea you'd get that delighted. Since you don't have to offer that money to gods, please use them soon. Please spend them like rich people. I would send money at least once a month so that your wallet won't be empty.

  I am enjoying with my savings here, so please use the money I have sent. It is good hear that you got the oranges I've sent. I will send more if I can. I will send money to Tama-chan as much as possible, so please save them for her marriage.

  What you wrote in your letter would probably happen soon. If there is going to be enough money, would you come here to visit me without hurry? I will get a permission to stay outside of the base and a day-off, so we could talk together for a long time, and could stay together over-night. I hope you wouldn't get sick on a loco mobile. If you need a suitcase, I'll send you one. Well, please take care.

  In my bed,

  My Dear Mother, Mother!

(From Eirei no Kotonoha Vol. 2/translated by Mr.Ishiguro)