"Mother, please forgive me"

Second Lieutenant Nobuo Aihana

(Nov 2nd 2003)

Miyagi Prefecture
IJA Special Attack Force Dai 77 Shinbu-tai (No.77 Shinbu-tai Force)
Died near Okinawa in May 4th, 1945, 18 years old

Mother, please forgive me

I became a member of Shinbu-tai Attack Force so I can requite my country. Father, mother, Nobuo went to the battlefield bravely.
Father, mother, I went to the battlefield with a picture of my brother in my pilot uniform.
Father, mother, it is very regretful that I didn't get rid of my rude languages to you to the last time.
Mother, although you raised me since I was six, and you meant so much for me even more than my real mother, I never called you "mother."
You must have been very sad.
I tried to call you that way many times, but it was awkward to say that in front of your face, and I could never call you that way.
This time, I call you with my big voice; "mother."
I suppose that my brother in central China is feeling the same way I do. Mother, please forgive us brothers.
Now, at the moment of departure to the battlefield as a kamikaze pilot, I have nothing to regret but above two things. Besides them, I feel no regrets. Ordinarily, people die at the age of fifty, and I could live a long live of twenty years. Father, mother, I give you the thirty years I still have left for you to share. Mother, please buy your favorite cigarettes with the money I put in the same envelope.
Father, mother, I will go. Nobuo is going to kill the enemy ship, smiling.

(From Eirei no Kotonoha Vol. 6/translated by Mr.Ishiguro)