"My Words to My Mother"

Ensign Saburo Mogi

(Sep 18 2003)

Ensign Saburo Mogi
Born in Fukushima Prefecture
Kamikaze Special Attack Force Daigo Shinken-tai (5th Shinken [divine sword] Squadron)
Died in the sea near Okinawa in May 4th, 1945 /19 years old

My Will (March 1945, My Words to My Mother)

I will probably never see your face again.

Mother, please show your face closer.

But I don't want leave any memento for you.

Because the memento will make you cry even ten or twenty years later.

Mother, on the day I leave Koriyama, I will fly above our house. That is my farewell.

(From Eirei no Kotonoha Vol. 6/translated by Mr.Ishiguro)