"To My Sister"

Ensign Masaru Miyazaki

(Dec 5th 2004)

Ensign Masaru Miyazaki
Born in Mie Prefecture
IJN Kamikaze Special Attack Force Dai 5 Shinken-tai (No.5 Shinken-tai Force)
Died near Okinawa islands in May 4th, 1945, 19 years old

To My Sister:

Yasuko, I think you have never seen me in the kamikaze unit. I have never seen you either.

I think you are frightened by the air raids everyday. I will take a revenge on them, crashing myself onto a big depot ship. Then sing the song of "Gochin Gochin" and make me happy.

*gochin means to sink an enemy ship in a very short period of time or to sink very quickly.

(From Eirei no Kotonoha(3) /translated by Mr.Ishiguro)