The last wills the special attack force pilots wrote

(Dec 5th 2004)

Young Kamikaze Pilot play with Japanese doll and small dog.

  Everyone is impressed by letters written by Kamikaze pilot. Ican't keep back my tears to read them. They joined to the Special AttackMission and died purely to defend their country and people they love.
  At that time,officially their letters were censored by troopsto keep the military secret. They left their mind in letters,otherwise their limited conditions.
  There were rumor that U.S troops would punish people strictlywho had data concerned with Kamikaze Special Attack mission afterfinishing the war. So people threw letters and articles left by thedeceased into the fire. But , in spite of the situation which peoplewere dangerous, some people secreted and kept those things verycarefully. Thanks to their courage and love , we can read theirletters and are moved our mind deeply.
  I quote those precious last letters home from referencebooks. Please read letters. I would like to add letters in themeaning of mourning for Kamikazes.

(Translated by administrator)

The following letter is by Flying Petty Officer First ClassIsao Matsuo of the 70lst Air Group. It was written just before hesortied for a kamikaze attack. His home was in Nagasaki Prefecture .

by "The Divine Wind"

He was born in 1923 at Nagasaki prefecture. His mother was stepmother ,so he was not so happy when he was a child. He became anavy pilot after graduating from Kokugakuin university.

by "Divine Thunder"

Army captain Ryoji Uehara

"Dear my Mother and Father"

"My Thoughts"

He was born in 1922 at Nagano Prefecture.From the Preparatory Division,he advanced to Keio University,Faculty of Economics,in 1943.
On May 11,1945,killed in action as a member of the Army Special Attack Unit, by dashing into an American mechanized unit located in Kadena Bay,Okinawa. He was 22 years old.

by"Listen to the Voices from The Sea"

Corporal Kiyoshi Oishi Born in Osaka Prefecture Graduated from Pilot’s School Killed in Action (June 11th 2002)

“The Letter to My Sister”

"The letter from Onosawa"

"The last letter"

Corporal Kiyoshi Oishi lost his father in Osaka Air Raid and lost his ill mother one after another. Only his elementary school student sister (Shizue) was left, and she was adopted by their uncle. The farewell letter of the generous brother, who always took care of his sister, moves our heart so deeply that we cannot read it without tears.

by"Ware ikite ari"

Translated by Mr. Ishiguro

First Lieutenant Masanobu Kuno(July 21 2003)

“To Masanori and Kiyoko”

(To his son and daughter)

 This is the last letter for his son(5 years old) and daughter(2 years old). This letter was written in easy character to read easily even for his children.

from the report "Tokko" No.43

Translated by Mr.Ishiguro

Lieutenant Sanehisa Uemura (July 21 2003)

“The Letter to My Beloved Child”

 Since lieutenant Uemura was fatherless family, he coud not wipe out family line, he did student marriage. He had one daughter. Nevertheless, his volunteer for Kamikaze attack was carried out. He had the military telephone connected to the house in Tokyo by late at night [ which sortie at a south direction from the Nagasaki Omura base by consideration of the war comrades who know such a situation / the previous night and late at night ], and only a voice hears a baby's cry and he left through the receiver.

from the report "Tokko" No.43

Translated by Mr.Ishiguro

Captain Kenichi Shibuya
(August 5 2003)

"To Noriko and Aiko, Before the Sortie"

 Captain Shibuya was acting as the division captain in the Sendai flight school. He explained Tokko spirit and volunteered for the Tokko member.He repeated and volunteered for becoming a Tokko member, and it was able to admit becoming a member at last. And he was accompanied by eight young crews, and was sortied and killed in war.

from the report "Tokko" No.43

Translated by Mr.Ishiguro

Ensign Saburo Shigeki
(Sep 18 2003)

"My Words to My Mother"

 The feeling of the son who worries about a mother's appears in this will.

From Eirei no Kotonoha Vol. 6

Translated by Mr.Ishiguro

Lieutenant Junior Grade Jou Ogata (Sep 20th 2003)

"The Will"

 Lieutenant Junior Grade Ogata joined the IJN as a gakuto (a college student who became a soldier or officer of the IJA or the IJN during his academic years) after the beginning of the Greater East Asian War, and volunteered for kamikaze squadron. He rode on Mitsubishi Type-1 bomber ("Betty") and made a sortie from Kanoya Base as a pilot of a rocket-powered kamikaze plane Ohka ("Baka"). His elder brother was also a gakuto and a lieutenant junior grade of the IJN. The patriotic Ogata brothers and their mother exchanged their feelings with waka (old Japanese poem. Tanka is one type of waka), and the following will is the jisei (farewell poem) from Lieutenant Junior Grade Jou Ogata from his mother.

From Eirei no Kotonoha Vol. 6

Translated by Mr.Ishiguro

Ensign Yukinobu Hirota(Sep 21 2003)

"Dear Mother"

  October 30th is the early part of the history of kamikaze. Ensign Hirota made a sortie with 8 pilots, including three of his colleagues. According to American documents, his squadron heavily damaged carrier Franklin and light carrier Below Wood. With this outstanding military achievement, we could know the braveness of his squadron, however, those pilots were humans like us too, and the letters of those young men with full of affections to their mother touch our heart.

From Eirei no Kotonoha Vol. 2

Translated by Mr.Ishiguro

Second Lieutenant Nobuo Aihana (Nov 2nd 2003)

"Mother, Please forgive me"

He was a boy flight school graduate and looks pure. This will is written to the father and the mother. His mother was a stepmother. He was apologizing for the impoliteness, when he was a child. It is the letter by which it is full of love.

From Eirei no Kotonoha Vol. 6

Translated by Mr.Ishiguro

Lieutenant Junior Grade Yukimitsu Tomizawa(Apr 17th 2004)

" I Will Be Waiting in front of Yasukuni Jinja Shrine"

Almost Japanese soldiers wanted to go back to their familly , their country after death. And they promised to meet at Yasukuni Jinja Shrine with fellow soldiers.

From Eirei no Kotonoha Vol. 2

Translated by Mr.Ishiguro

Lieutenant Junior Grade Hiroshi Nagao

" In front of Yasukuni "

Mr.Nagao was writing to parents "We could meet in Yasukuni Jinja."
We the Japanese have to value Yasukuni Jinja.

From Eirei no Kotonoha Vol. 1

Translated by Mr.Ishiguro

Lieutenant Junior Grade Osamu Tomida

"Father! Mother! "

"How I want to yell "mother, mother, mother, mother!" Please say something to me. "
"Father! Mother! I will call out over and over. "

From Eirei no Kotonoha Vol. 6

Translated by Mr.Ishiguro

Ensign Saburo Mogi

"Last Will (March 1945)"

I don't want to leave any "mementos."The "mementos" will make you cry even ten or twenty years later.

From Eirei no Kotonoha Vol. 6

Translated by Mr.Ishiguro

Ensign Kiyoshi Ogawa

"The Last Letter"


"I also pray for everyone's prosperity. I will be in Yasukuni Jinja Shrine, praying for happiness of my father and mother. "

From Eirei no Kotonoha ;Ogawa's familly

Translated by Mr.Ishiguro

Ensign Masaru Miyazaki

"To my sister"

(Dec 5th 2004)

"Yasuko, I think you have never seen me in the kamikaze unit. I have never seen you either."

From Eirei no Kotonoha Vol. 3

Translated by Mr.Ishiguro