Stories by special attack force pilots and families.

(January 26th 2004)


Why did they volunteer for the Kamikaze? (Lieutenant Junior Grade Takamitsu Nishida) (June 15th 2002)

The witnessed special attack from Okinawa Major Naomichi Kami told about it later`(Aug 31st 2002up)

We Will Go on Ahead to Wait for You Major Fujii Hajime`(Nov 10th 2002up)

People of Okinawa (Nov 13th 2002up)

The Soldier on Duty of Sankaku Barracks (Nov 13th 2002up)

Tokkotai and Me`Warrant Officer Takeo Tagata (July 21st 2003)

Memetos of a Kamikaze pilot Ensin Ogawa and The USS Bunker Hill (January 26th 2004)