My Thoughts on the special attack force pilots

An airplane trying to engage in a suicide attack

 Please take a look at the picture above. It is a photograph showing an airplane trying to engage in a suicide attack as it is being shot down. In this airplane, there is a young pilot who would have been the same age as our grandfather. As you can imagine, it is the final moment of a young person, who is just like us, sacrificing his life by hoping to protect his family, hometown, and loved ones. What did he think in his last moment...? His parents? Or his home?  When people talk about suicide mission units, they often conclude that these young people were either forced or brainwashed. People also reach the simple conclusion of "It is a fault of militarized government". (As a Webmaster of this site,) I would like to emphasize that the suicide mission was inevitable under the circumstances at that time. I will discuss about this at other section of this web site.   Nevertheless, I cannot allow people describing these young pilots as "meaningless death". It is not polite to treat these young pilots who sacrificed their lives. As their airplanes took off, they thought about the family and people they loved or some thought about the people in Japan after the war.  I am proud of the suicide unit pilots. I also feel that they were selfless being. They went under hard training for their missions several months prior to their last take-off, then they sacrificed their lives for the country, family and loved ones. I truly consider these people heroes of this country.

(English translation by Mr.Nobu)