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The spirit of Zen is spread throughout Japanese culture.
I will try to show Japan to you through the spirit of Zen.

* Gallery of India-ink painting * "Japan traditional culture village"

The Beginning of Zen

A beautiful flower of lotus blooms from a dirty pond.

Lotus blossoms are symbolic flowers. You can see them under almost every statue of the Buddha.

* Exhibition " Ancient lotus"
* Gallery4:"Ancient lotus"
"What is Zen ?" "Doing Zazen is everything of Zen."
"What is Zazen ?" " Zazen ?"
"Where can you practice zen ? " "At your home. But you can learn how to practice Zen in or around Zen temples and halls all over the world. In my case. I go to a Zen hall, "Bodaizendo", located in Kasumigaura City,Ibaraki prefecture, in Japan, near Kasumigaura lake, the second largest lake in Japan. "
"Can you find any object influenced by Zen in Japanese daily life ? " "Yes. You will often find a red papier-mache doll, a " Daruma" in homes and shops. "

" Have you seen a "
Jizo" on the road ? "
"What is man's relationship to nature ? (Question by high-school student, USA) " "You cannot divide "man and nature. "

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* Black & White Painting "Resort for Gods - Guilin -" (Jan., 2003) new
* Black & White Painting "Eternal Time - Pompei -" (Oct, 2002)
* Black & White Painting "A precinct in the moonlight" (June, 2002)
* Gallery "Beyond the stillness" (black and white painting, Aug., 2001)
* Gallery "Quietness and Passion" (black and white painting)
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