SUIOKAI-Tsuchiura Suiboku-ga (Ink painting) Exhibition

Welcome Newcomers ! You only need to prepare black ink, brush, and some papers. Our class is open on 1st and 3rd Saturday (13:30-15:30) at Tsuchiura culture & healthy sportscenter(TEL : 029-825-2600)

It is a work of the group which learns the suiboku-ga or sumi-e (Indian-ink painting) at "Tsuchiura culture & healthy sportscenter (Tsuchiura-city Ibaraki)" near Tsukuba, Tsuchiura, Ishioka.
They were exhibited at the southern Ibaraki-prefecture life style study center gallery on the fifth floor of "URARA" in front of JR Tsuchiura Station) from Jan. 8 to 14th, 2010.
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The SUIO-KAI is a suiboku-ga school founded at Mito city twenty years ago by the late Osho Nakamura who drew a famous painter, Keigetsu Matsubayashi's flow. Osho also founded a branch of his school of "Nan-ga" first at Tsuchiura city about ten years ago. Now his students hold SUIOKAI-Tsuchiura and are learning suiboku-ga at "Tsuchiura culture & healthy sportscenter (TEL:029-825-2600)". (Neizan Nagamura, teacher, Jan. 8th, 2010)

Artist and work (Large painting can be seen when you quick the artist.)

Neizan Nagamura, teacher
Time flows silently(F50) Ill devil moving along(F15)

Artist name and his work

Jinsei Ikegawa Kazuo Imabashi Watari Okano Kinu Kaneko Hiroko Kiyama
Shiro Kobayashi Katsuo Komuro Noriko Sakai Shin Shimizu Kimie Shimizu
Shingo Takagi Setsuo Nakagawa Fujidou Hagiwara Kaname Miyawaki


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