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LAKE NOJIRI - IRISH MUSIC CAMP - Nov. 11 -13, 2017


We will be holding the Irish Music Camp, again on the shores of beautiful Lake Nojiri in Nagano-ken, from Saturday noon Nov. 11th to Monday noon 13th.

Won't you join us for a fun and relaxing weekend filled with music?
If you're a musician interested in Celtic music, you're welcome!
Whether you're a seasoned veteran or beginner, bring your fiddle, accordion, guitar, banjo, flute, whistle, pipes, accordion or concertina, or ??.
Our spacious cabin has a lake view and is surrounded by lush green, with three peaks of Japan's northern Alps immediately visible.
Our dedicated chef prepares lots of wholesome food, there will be friends to make or meet again, tunes to learn,
a trip to the hot springs of Mt. Myoko, maybe even a local brewery, and well--just a great time.
Workshops, with either group and private instruction are available both Friday and Saturday.
It's possible to stay for one night, or both nights, and the camp finishes with a cleanup by Monday noon if you can stay a bit longer.
™Transportation options
Lake Nojiri is near Kurohime Station, halfway between Nagano and Naoetsu, near the north coast and the Japan Sea.
The fastest way up from Tokyo is Shinkansen to Nagano, than local train to Kurohime. Round-trip fare is just over ¥16,000.
Several cars will be going up from Tokyo, most leaving early Saturday morning. Those wishing rides should request early!
One way is ¥5,000, ¥8,000 return, roughly equivalent to bus to Nagano & local train fare to Kurohime.
There may also be cars coming from elsewhere.
Transportation around Lake Nojiri and to the hot springs can generally be provided.
JR trains, Shinkansen or Expressway Bus go to Nagano or Naoetsu, from which the local Kitashinanp Tetsudou brings you to Kurohime.
From here it's a ¥1,000 taxi ride, 30-min. walk, or best, we can pick you up if you call and inform arrival time.
™To make your reservation
Please send e-mail

Sat., Nov. 11th - Mon Nov. 13th

Kamiyama Kokusai-mura, Lake Nojiri, Nagano pref. (nearest stn. is Kitashinano Tetsudou Kurohime)
One night ¥13,000, two nights ¥19,000
(including instruction, lodging, food and non-alcoholic beverages)
For those who like alcohol, it's BYOB.
Depending on the number of participants, sleeping facilities may be a bit limited, but if you bring a sleeping bag it might be worth it for a night or two.
We request 50% payment in advance for first-time participants.
If you cancel after Nov. 4th, there will be a 50% cancellation fee.

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