Manufacture of an ARDF oscillator Ver.3a


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Operation of an ARDF oscillator can be seen.
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1 Introduction

ARDF Ver.3a

I introduce this page about the production of the ARDF oscillator used for the ARDF athletic game and practice. The ARDF oscillator introduced with this HP was improved,and ARDF oscillator Ver.3a was produced.
The following features were provided in Ver.3a.
(a) The ARDF oscillator is connected with the transmitter(transceiver) and used.
(b) The ARDF oscillator operates according to the ARDF rule.It can automatically transmit the morse code.
(c) The ARDF oscillators of the number arbitrary from 1 to 5 can be set.This setting is done with some Digital Switches(Real code).
(d) ID (call sign) was able to be changed by inputting the morse code with the tact switch (Black button).

2 Circuit Diagram and Operation procedure

The circuit diagram of an ARDF oscillator Ver.3a is shown below.

Method of setting three digital switches
(a) A setup of SW1(TIMER SW)
0:0 minutes
1:5 minutes
2:10 minutes
3:20 minutes
4:40 minutes
5,6:not operating
7:ID writing mode

(b)A setup of SW2(NUMBER SW)
0: Continuation transmission of 'DE'+Callsign
1-7:Number of ARDF oscillator(s)

(c) A setup of SW3(SEQUENTIAL SW)
0: Continuation transmission of 'MO' (When the number SW of equipment is except zero)
1-7: Sequential transmission of 'DE'+ callsign and discernment marks (MOE etc.) [for 1 minute]

(Example) Operation procedure

3 Manufacture of Hardware

Parts arrangement chart and Print pattern are shown below.

The printed wiring board was produced by using the printed wiring board editor pcbe048b.exe. First of all, please defrost to 4 files of 'ardfv3a_e.pcb', 'ardfv3a_9.pcb', ,'ARD3A_84.HEX' and 'ARD3A648.HEX'. One printed wiring board pattern data including the part arrangement chart is 'ardfv3a_e.pcb'. Nine printed wiring board pattern data is 'ardfv3a_9.pcb'. An inkjet printer is used for the print of the print pattern.The print pattern is printed on the overhead projector seat for inkjet by using PCBE. The print pattern is printed out to the exposure printed wiring board because of ultraviolet rays. Next, the etching and the hole opening are done and the substrate is completed. Parts can be inserted according to the part arrangement and be solder.

4 How to write ARDF program to the PIC16F84(or PIC16F648A)

To write the ARDF program to the PIC16F84(or PIC16F648A), you should buy the PIC programmer or make it.
You can easily make the PIC programmer like PIC-Programmer 2. Moreover you can download IC-PROG as free software, and install it. The serial port of PC will be connected by the cable with a PIC programmer(example PIC-Programmer 2). You insert the PIC16F84(or PIC16F648A) into the PIC programmer's socket, and you start the IC-PROG and load the ARDF program file 'ARD3A_84.HEX'(in the case of using PIC16F648A ,'ARD3A648.HEX'). In addition,it is written to the PIC16F84(or PIC16F648A). Because the default of ID is "ABCDEFGH", you need to do "5 How to write ID (call sign)".

5 How to write ID (call sign)

(1) Jumper pin is inserted through pin 1 and pin 2 of JMP3. The slide switch is turned on.(POWER SW ON)

(2) A timer SW(SW1) is adjusted to seven.(ID write mode)

(3) A reset button (red tact sw) is pushed.

(4) LED blinks , saying that 'BT' ( _ . . . _ ).

(5) Please write and input the first character of ID (call sign) in ID write sw (black tact switch) with Morse code.
For example, if the first character of ID is 'J',please push a black tact sw like that ( . _ _ _ ).
Please push a dot(.) as short as possible and please push a dash( _ ) for 0.5 seconds or more.

(6) After input a character,about one second later,LED blinks according to the morse code.
Please do over again from (3) if the morse code is different from the character.
Moreover, when LED keeps lighting (the input sign length is six or more),please do over again from (3).

(7) When LED blinks according to the morse code,please repeat from (5) to (6) until finish inputting a last character of ID.
The maximum length of ID is up to eight characters.

(8) After you have input a last character,please input 'AR'( . _ . _ . ). If LED blinks at a short cycle, writing ID is completed.
Please do over again from (3) if LED doesn't blink like this.

(9) After Jumper pin is inserted through pin 2 and pin 3 of JMP3 and SW1 is adjusted to zero,please push a reset button.
You can see that LED blinks according to the morse code of 'DE' + ID(call sign).

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