Let's get one thing clear from the beginning, sake, or nihonshu as it's called in Japan (written as 日本酒 as in the title bar) is not rice wine. Let me repeat that just in case you missed it SAKE (NIHONSHU) IS NOT RICE WINE.

Okay, so now we've cleared that little understanding up let me introduce you to the site.

The aim of this site is to introduce you to the wonderful world of nihonshu. There are approximately 2000 nihonshu breweries in Japan and as each brewery usual has several product lines that equates to more than 10,000 product lines

So where do we start? Well the simple criteria of this site is that the owner of this site, yes me, must have sampled at least one of the products from a brewery in order for it to appear on the map below. Now even with the best intentions I think that you'll appreciate I'm never going to be able to drink samples from all those 2000 or so breweries but hopefully after spending time looking at my efforts you'll be encouraged to start your own discovery into the world of nihonshu.

Tosatsuru Izumibashi Dewazakura Ishimoto Shuzo (Koshino kanbai) Hananomai Yonetsuru Sake Brewery Kotobuki

Tosatsuru Izumibashi Dewazakura Koshino Kanbai Hananomai

Yonetsuru Kotobuki

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