JLA was approved

Japan Logotherapist Association was approved as an accredited member instiitution of the International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis at the Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna.

Letter of Accreditation Certificate of accreditation

Logotherapists’Lecture Meeting

In the Logotherapists’Lecture Meeting held once a year, Logotherapists taking active part in various fields present their original views based on their own experiences.
This meeting provides even those who know nothing about Logotherapy, with a valuable occasion to learn how to apply Logotherapy theories to practical cases.

Lecture Meeting

JLA Journal

The JLA has been publishing Japan Logotherapist Association Journal (inJapanese only) since 2009 on an annual base.
The journal containsreports from Logotherapists in Japan about their various activities forpractical application of Logotherapy in their specialized field.

Association essays

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