Corner of the NO6 transceiver

( Final renewal day of the data is Jun 6, 2000 )

Even the HF band SSB transceiver that I made became the 6th unit with this transceiver, with the repetition of improvement.

This machine thinks with supreme always, when I make the transceiver and be making. However, a dissatisfied part appears, when the machine finishes. I am repeating the production of the improvement version in quest of a better thing.

Here, I do explanation about the outline of a production intermediate NO6 transceiver at present. The NO6 transceiver is doing the more following improvement in comparison with the NO5 transceiver of the previous work.

SSB generator circuit

SSB generator board  jpg 15kb

Modulation IC of the SSB generator was changed to NE612A.

The consumption current of NE612A is only 2.5mA with power supply voltage 6V. It is the more such lower consumption current that is surprised, compared with about 20mA of SN76514 that used it with the NO5 transceiver.

The input possibility frequency of NE612A is highly efficient with 500MHZ. Also, even the input possibility frequency of the local oscillator is OK to 200MHZ.

I think that such an excellent IC should use it greatly. Sufficient career suppression was obtained, even if I do not put in the career balance adjustment circuit. That used with low frequency(15MHZ) may be the cause.

This machine did so that even USB and LSB which are able to take out.

This SSB generator can obtain each output of USB and also LSB by using 2 crystal. The carry point USB, 15.000MHZ to and also LSB is setting it to 15.0027MHZ.

SSB generator circuit figure and also print pattern figure (gif 72kB)

Transverter circuit

Transverter board  jpg 8kb

NE612A was used for the mixer of transverter

The transceiver( From NO1 to NO5 ) that I made in the past was using all the diode mixer for the mixer circuit.

A diode mixer has a very more excellent characteristic in respect of linearity and noise, in comparison with the active type mixer that used the transistor and FET.

As for the bad point of the diode mixer that the local oscillator (L0) the input is necessary as 10mW and the conversion gain be minus.

I used NE612A for the mixer of transverter in this NO6 machine aiming at the gain improvement of the reception system.

It is conceivable that the gain up that by means use NE612A becomes the gain up of about 20dB in comparison with the diode type mixer. As for this the mixing gain of NE612A the mixing gain of plus 14dB and, diode mixer are minus 6dB. When I think these comprehensively it becomes the gain up of plus 20dB.

When I try to receive it actually with this NO6 transceiver a clear gain up felt it from the movement of the S meter. Thus whether there was a change in the transformation characteristic of this machine is indefinite, the deterioration regarding SN did not feel.

AGC was operated even even to high frequency amplifier stage.

The problem happened to the action in AGC to only IF stage along with the gain up of the reception system. So that AGC is left the action to high frequency stage as this measure the circuit was changed.

Lost the straight amplifier of the local oscillator inside transverter.

As for the input of the local oscillator of NE612A the power is not more necessary in comparison with the diode mixer. The straight amplifier of the local oscillator that I was inserting in a conventional circuit from such a reason, became unnecessary. The parts decrease only the minute of a straight amplifier and the circuit became simple the result as.

A consumption current became without a balance change, because the consumption current of NE612 was added, although the consumption current of a straight amplifier became a zero.

Transverter circuit figure and print pattern figure (gif 34kB)

PLL circuit

PLL board  jpg  8kb

1/10 division IC of the PLL circuit were changed to uPB552.

The current flows, to HD10551 that was used conventionally in the PLL circuit of about about 60mA.

Because the decrease of the consumption current of integration is aimed at this time, it does the same action as HD10551 of division IC and there are greatly few consumption currents and be adopting uPB552.

The consumption current of uPB552 is only 6mA at the time of power supply voltage 6V! It is 1/10 low consumption currents compared with HD10551.

PLL circuit figure and print pattern figure(gif 41kB)

Up down counter circuit

Up down counter board  jpg 10kb

It makes the dial circuit and up down counter circuit one board

The NO5 transceiver was making dial encoder circuit and up down counter circuit each separately. This NO6 transceiver merged these two circuits to one board.

Counter circuit figure, pattern figure(gif 59kB)

Final power amplifier circuit

I am making final power amplifier circuit in the same circuit as the NO5 transceiver now. However, I may remodel it to the power amplifier of the push pull circuit in terms of the future. Also,it may make the power amplifier of max 100mW of low power.

I am able to decide how I make this the self. It may be the merit that this makes the machine with the self.

Final power amplifier circuit  jpg  12kB

The present NO6 transceiver

Work is stopping with just as shack condition, as this NO6 transceiver understands the following with the photograph as of now. The reason that the work stopped is because it began to be engrossed in the personal computer where it made up it up to here.

With what kind of form this NO6 transceiver finishes finally does not understand. However, it is able to use it without any problem as the transceiver also in the present condition. Accordingly this NO6 transceiver becomes the intermediate introduction of production.

During the observation of 2 tone wave

During the observation of 2 tone wave-likes  jpg  9kb

Part arrangement situation of the surface Part arrangement situation of the under face

Photograph on the side of the surface  jpg  6kb Photograph on the side of the under face  jpg  5kb

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