The Things I See... an amateur photographer's digital portfolio of images taken with the Canon PowerShot S230.
This was originally just the  is the portal page to my main site but now I have added a weekly photo blog of sorts. The Things I See... is an online amateur photographer's digital portfolio with a little more. The images are from every place I go. Some of the places that includes are cities in the Philippines such as Manila, Cavite City, Makati, Malati, Tagaytay, etc. and cities of California such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Concord, Vallejo, etc. Hopefully the list will continue to grow more and more.
All pictures from the site were taken with the Canon PowerShot S230 Digital ELPH. The PowerShot S230 may not be the tool of choice for most professional photographer's (hence one of the reasons why I am an amateur) but it does the job for this site. The purpose of this site is to give people another perspective of the things around them. If you just take the time too look I bet you will find there are a lot of things worth taking notice of. So if you are ready to take a look at some of The Things I See.. click on a link below:

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 Photo of the Week (Or maybe of the month. Well, we will see...)
Oct. 3, 2004

The Canadians - Canadian geese with their distinctive "V" flight formation and honk can be found just about anywhere within the United States and Canada. These particular geese in the picture were found wading along the shore of Regan Beach in South Lake Tahoe, California. Interesting fact, did you know that Canadian Geese often mate with just one partner for life? If a goose's partner is unable to continue on with the rest of the group that goose will stay by it's mate's side. Now, can you say the same about your self?

You can find more pictures like this one in the PS230 Gallery. If you have a comment about the picture please feel free to post your opinions on my Message Board.
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