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Mitsu's Paper models repository


These paper models require unique way of assemble to construct curved surface. Read this general instruction first.
All the data are under Open Source Licence. You can modify and distribute them if you allow others to do so. In that case, always cite this URL.

B-2 Spirit

B2 picture
Skin 1+2, Bone, Instruction 1+2
Skin should be printed on thin, flexible papers in hi-res color. Bone should be printed on a thick inflexible paper in low-res grayscale.
The scale is approximately 1/144. To get the precise scale, expand the pdf to 102.2%.
SVG data (for modification)

Algorithm, etc.

The math behind it

Paint It Yourself

(like this? ^_^)
Download Skin-SVG files and edit them with Inkscape. There are 3 layers: mesh (X, Y, Z contour line), outline, and tx (texture). Edit tx layer. When finished, go Layer menu and make mesh layer invisible and print it.
What I'm designing right now
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