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Screen Shot: X11 Tile Iso-mode
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Dungeon Crawl Tile version for LINUX: Installation Guide

STEP1íž Get the original source

From the official site, download the source and unpack the tarball.
% bunzip2 dc400b26-src.tbz2
% tar -xf dc400b26-src.tar
% cd dc400b26-src/source
 Edit the following line in AppHdr.h
    #define SAVE_DIR_PATH       "/opt/crawl/lib/"
     change it to "/home/foobar/crawl/lib/" etc.

  Fix the CR+LF code of mon-data.h
% nkf -d mon-data.h>tmp
% mv tmp mon-data.h

STEP2: Apply the patch

Download the patch from this page. The name will be "dc_e???_??????" (??? is a version number) and unzip it. Copy the init.txt
% unzip dc_e???_??????
% cp dc_e???_??????_src/init.txt ~/.crawlrc
Apply the patch and make:
% nkf -d -e ../dc_e???_??????_src/dc***.pat|patch
  (nkf -d converts CR+LF to CR  and nkf -e converts Japanese kanji code)
% make -f makefile.x11
If you are using MAC OSX, edit the makefile.x11 (guides are therein).
If you got an error like "Couldn't find Xlib.h", modify the INCLUDES line in makefile.x11 as follows:
INCLUDES = -I/usr/include/ncurses -I/usr/X11R6/include

Download the tile PNG files from here and unzip it into the SAVE_DIR_PATH you defined.
Congratulations! It is all.

You can change the fonts via the env variables. A sample script:
#! /bin/csh -f
setenv CRAWL_X11_FONT_CRT  "-alias-fixed-bold-r-normal--16-*"
setenv CRAWL_X11_FONT_STAT "-alias-fixed-bold-r-normal--16-*"
setenv CRAWL_X11_FONT_MSG "-alias-fixed-bold-r-normal--16-*"