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Will Hirakata Japanese Language Volunteer Association
(Updated on 5th Oct 201

This home page has been largely renewed with the new address

The new home page address :
This association has been formed for those foreigners wishing to learn Japanese language by those people who would wish to assistit voluntarily.
We are aiming at such association as helping them for understanding Japanese culture through speaking, listening, reading and writing "Beautiful and correct Japanese" and desiring to be beneficial for the international interchange through mutual orientation and study of members.
Certificate for Japanese language teaching or experiences are not particularly required. Person showing zeal for it are all welcome.
As for inquiry please contact M.Nishimura (President) via tel or e-mail

Address of the association
& contact
Hirakata Foundation for Cuture and International Exchange. Tel. 072-843-5931
Fax.fax 072-845-1896
2F, Civil Center, 8-33, Okahigashi-cho Hirakata City 〒573-0032
President      Mr.M.Nishimura Tel. 072-831-0265
VicePresident   Mr.H.Hosomi
Vice President  Ms Y.Chuzawa
Representative & others Mr.M.Nishimura with administration, education,liaison & PR persons
Class room
Tuesday   1.30pm - 3.00pm
Tuesday   6.30pm - 8.00pm
Wednesday 6.30pm - 8.00pm
Saturday   6.30pm - 8.00pm
2F, Hirakata Foundation for Cuture and International Exchange
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Other activity or interchange
with other associations.

Essec (Business School [France] ) Hirakata orientation - We are assisting studenrs from Essec for studying Japanese lauguage every year.
Japanese teaching skill step up course - For staffs every year we invite professor level teacher to up-grading teaching skill. This course is organized by Hirakata Foundation for Cuture and International Exchange
Cherry blossom viewing, Momiji hunting, End year party, Ethnic cuisine class by foreigner, etc, to exchange friendship between staffs or foreigners. Sometimes having interchange with the other association.

For inquiry via : Mail address  or Tel 072-831-0265 (Mr.M.Nishimura)
New Year Party, Japanese language class for ESSEC students & others
Mass game by Vetnamise friends
at New Year party (2017)

Mass game by Vetnamise friends
at New year party (2017)

   Mass game by Vetnamise friends
at New year party(2017)

  American friend sings a song
at New year party (2017)

Thai traditional dance
by Thai ladies
at 2017 New Year Party

    Indonesian friends talk show
 at New Year Party 2017

 France ESSEC University
Japanese class student (2016)
     ESSEC Univerwity
Japanese class student (2016)

Receiving award for our volunteer
activity by Osaka prefectural government 
 Addresing speach for 20th anniversary
of the foundation of the group 

The award ceremory of the Constitution Day

This site is managed by Silver Adviser volunteer group which is run by
people who have graduated Osaka pref, Silver adviser course.

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