Go Camp 2005 Report

A brief report of Go Camp 2005

running for the future?

The ISGO's first event, "Go Camp 2005" was held from 6th March to 12th March in Teganooka Youth Nature Center in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. 6 Korean students and about 20 Japanese students took part in the camp.
We get up early in the mornings and played Go until the midnight every day and so our friendship grew.

This is only a brief report and tells only little of what we did. I would like to ask all the participants to share more ideas and let's make a nice report for such to match the great event!

--the HP administrator--


playing Go in the midnight

Some Japanese students went to Narita airport to welcome Korean students. Then we joined and went to Teganooka Youth Nature Center together.
After having dinner, we had a game to memorize all members' names.



We played basketball, table tennis, badminton and other sports in the gym in the daytime and played Go in the night.



We had a interaction games with high school students and some people. After having dinner, we formed ourselves in 4 groups and discussed about ISGO's future.


a tiger in the zoo

We formed ourselves in 2 groups and went sightseeing in Tokyo.
One group went to Ueno and Shinjuku. At first they visited the Ueno Zoo and had lunch in Ueno. Then they went to Shinjuku and visited the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office and enjoyed the view from the observatory.Then they did Karaoke and had dinner in a revolving Sushi shop.
The other group went to Nihon-kiin (the center of Japanese Go activities), Shibuya and Komaba campus of the University of Tokyo. They visited the Go-museum in Nihon-kiin end the Go club room of UT. They ate Takoyaki for lunch, and revolving Sushi for dinner also.


the presentetaion about Japanese student Go world

A Team Tournament was held. Four teams fought for the honor(?). While the tournament, Mr. Cho, Japanese professional Go player and a journalist from Shukan-Go (a Japanese Go newspaper) visited us. Two strong Korean students were taught by Mr. Cho. After having dinner, representatives of Korean and Japanese students made presentations about each country's student Go world situation and we all discussed about the future perspective of ISGO.


Sushi in Tsukiji

We went sightseeing in Tokyo. At first, we went to Tsukiji, which has the biggest fish market in the world. After visiting Tsukiji Honganji temple, we enjoyed very delicious Sushi. Then we walked to Hama Rikyu park in Shiodome and toured quickly there. It was raining. From there, we took the water bus (boat) on Sumida-gawa river to Asakusa. We visited Sensoji temple and went back to the Youth Center. After having dinner in the Center, we had a team-to-team game of Go.


the members (sorry, not all)

We checked out and left the center in the morning. It was a great camp!!!!