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Music of Sweet Temperament
My Learning Book for The Well-Tempered Clavier 2

by Anna Magdalena Bach of 2010 in the year 1744
--- This is a fiction. ---
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Prelude No.15 G Major
In the first three bars and next three bars, the right hand and the left hand should play the same notes by turns. It is a good practice. And then you have to stretch your fingers of both hands in order to play octave notes. It is also a good practice. From the 48th bar, there are scale practices,
la,sol,fa,mi.re,do,si,la (Hypodorian);
sol,fa,mi,re,do,si,la,sol (Mixolydian);
fa,mi,re,do,si,la,sol,fa (Lydian).
Further more it is lovely.

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