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Music of Sweet Temperament
My Learning Book for The Well-Tempered Clavier 2

by Anna Magdalena Bach of 2010 in the year 1744
--- This is a fiction. ---
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Prelude No.14 F# minor

dedicated to Miss Sweetpea
Ich will dir Blumen schenken.
The number 14 is very special to us, the Bach. " 2 + 1 + 3 + 8 = 14 " is " B + A + C + H = BACH ". So this Prelude is also precious to me. Moreover in the 14th bar, there is a series of notes " H Ais Cis " which can be read as " H A-B C " made of BACH. Ais is B in Deutschland. My great husband, Johann Sebastian may say to me, " My dear Anna Magdalena, you have made an excessive stretch of the imagination on the note anagram." Anyway, I love this Prelude. It is calm and so beautiful. So I have to make him give up his plan to replace the Prelude No.14 of the Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 by this one.

When you play this Prelude, the left hand must be used a little bit softer than the right hand. But the rhythm should be kept steadily. Then the melody comes out naturally while the melody line uses many kinds of note values, which produces a sense of floating unearthliness.

By the way, in the second bar there you will find an accidental of sharp located at the C or C sharp. But this accidental is for the next sixteenth triplet note on E. Be careful.

For your information, in the upper staff there is a Soprano C Clef, which is different from G Clef. The note on the first and lowest line of the upper staff is C.

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