S O U N D - C O L L A G E

music start

Listen to the Aria a little by little of wonderful performers.
Then it will be a COLLAGE.
Can you identify which is who's ?

M.K.= Mari Kumamoto
R.K.= Ralph Kirkpatrick
W.R.= Wanda Landowska
G.G.55 = Glenn Gould 1955
G.G.81 = Glenn Gould 1981

Answer ; Select one from a to e :

a----M.K. +R.K. +W.R. +M.K. +G.G.55 +W.R. +M.K. +G.G81

b----G.G.55 +W.R. +R.K. +M.K. +G.G.81 +R.K. +G.G.81 +M.K.

c----R.K. +W.R. +R.K. +M.K. +G.G.55 +R.K. +M.K. +G.G.81

d----G.G.81 +W.R. +R.K. +M.K. +G.G.55 +R.K. +G.G.81 +M.K.

e----M.K. +W.R. +R.K. +G.G.81 +G.G.55 +R.K. +M.K. +G.G.81

How to Answer :
To this address mocfujita@aol.com mail me with your answer as follows.
Ans. : ( one from a to e )

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