Sonata for two Violins and an Accompanying Bass
C Major
BWV 1037
by Johann Gottlieb Goldberg

Sonate fur 2 Violinen und Continuo C-Dur
MIDI is here; BWV1037/Anh.187
I would like to introduce a work which was said to be the one composed by Johann Gottlieb Goldberg himself.
MIDI data consist of the combination of several phrases each from the first movement,
the second movement and the third movement.
There were not any data found for the fourth movement as long as I looked around.
This work is said to be the form of Church Sonata.
I don't know. Slow fast slow fast type.

The first movement - adagio C dur
The second movement - alla breve C dur
The third movement - largo D moll strict unison canon slow with sentiment
The fourth movement - gigue-presto C dur

I think it might be great if this is a genuine Goldberg's work.


You will find a sample performance from here; 21stC-YouTube