Waiting Room  日本語

New work in 2013"Clocks escape."

-Specification- please read neatly!

-It operates it with the mouse. The keyboard is not used in this this time.

-This game emit the sound.This time, BGM is set to volume 20 in the initial state.It can be muffled by moving the volume control to the left. Please adjust it.

-The object of the game is to go out of the waiting room. There are two kinds of endings.The cursor is transformed on the click point. However, please hear characters' stories first of all .The click point doesn't appear until it finishes hearing the story.

-This time, even if the selection is not removed, the next item can be selected.Moreover, the item can be displayed and expanded to examine by "about item".In it, there is the one it is possible to combine with other items or the one it is possible to process when expanding and displaying it. Please try variously.As for the item that has not been used any longer, the image becomes pale. (There is the one that doesn't become pale because it is a reference image either. )

-Then, please play. The design of the timetable and the ticket of the train refers to the one of Japan because the author of this game is Japanese. Please acknowledge it.

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