Chair room escape.  日本語

New work in 2013"Clocks escape."

-Specification- please read neatly!

-It operates it with the mouse. the keyboard is used only at the password input.

-This game emit the sound.the volume of this game's BGM is 0 in the initial state.The person that wants to hear it please adjust the volume.

-The object of the game is to go out of the room. there are three kinds of the cursor is transformed on click point,please look for the click point and here and there.

-As for this game, there are uselessly a lot of items(^^).there is the one not used to the last minute either.moreover, nowadays,it is not possible to expansion and process using the item column.(only when the item is just taken, it is expanded)however, in a certain circumstances,it is possible to see and process in the room.please test variously which does be able to be used.

-If the item is clicked, a red frame appears and it becomes "Selective state".please select it when using it somewhere. however,if the selection is not released by the thing clicked again, another item cannot be selected.Please note it.

-Well, please play... I pray that you can escape in the state of human. (?)



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