Clocks escape. 日本語

-Specification- please read neatly!

-It operates it with the mouse. Only one place, a keyboard is used for password input.

-This game emit the sound.the volume of this game's BGM is 10 in the initial state.If BGM is erased,switch sound etc. disappear too with specification in this game.Please leave that in mind.

-The purpose of a game is to come out of the room, but you have to run all clocks in the room for that purpose.Method for it is...please try to look for many way.When a clock operates, it moves in real time. (that applies to the time inside your PC)

-An item is used choosing by click.You can investigate it by pushing "about item" after the red frame has come out.There is also a processible thing.

-The cursor is transformed on click point,however, it may be blocked with a temporary click point in the scene which you must not click.Even if nothing appears, please do not be angry.For example, the inside of an event, and while the text is displayed, a click is not effective for a while. push the switches after indication was over.

-Ending is fundamentally three kinds that "closed end" "normal and" and "another end". However, if some conditions are fulfilled, it will become "perfect end", and the link of a small bonus addition appear.If it can do please arrive and get an addition.

-The author of this game depended on the translation site in being weak in English and wrote an English translation sentence. I'm sorry if English is strange.

-Well,I pray for the safe return from the stopped time.If some part of time in this game begins to pass...please be careful at the time.Because the time will not stop.



2013/5/19 When the item was expanded on the screen of the digital clock, the original arrow remained, and when it was pushed, the fault that an item screen would not disappear was corrected. Moreover, unnecessary movement under item expansion was corrected.

2013/5/19 Since it was concerned with the mystery of a game, it could not write for details, but the fault that a picture had to be reinserted in was corrected.

2013/5/19 When it was over turned while moving the hand of a certain clock, the fault that time was out of order was corrected.

2013/5/25 The faults that picture can be taken repeatedly or that it must reinsert in, or much faults which occurs by pushing the arrow which remained into the event, these were corrected.This is based on a bug report of Mr. M.Thank you.

2013/5/28 Much faults,the title screen, the strange portion of a picture, and the defect that happens by having moved during a event, etc. were corrected. This is based on a bug report of Mr. M.Thank you.

2013/5/30 In order to prevent the trouble which occurs into an item event, movement to other items was blocked during the event.This is based on a bug report of Mr. M.Thank you.

I am sorry.

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