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My Robots BLACK TIGERs Specifications

「BLACK TIGER 11」Upper 2CH KRS-2350HVs Exchanged with Lower 2CH KRS-788HVs Apr 2014 

(KHR-2HV exchanged with 4 KRS-2350HVs, remodeled KHR-1:KHR Standard Regulation Class)

「BLACK TIGER NEO」 Autonomous Fight System with Hybrid Sensor System
( 4 PSD Sensors and 4 Ultrasonicwave Sensors ) Jan 2014

(Custom-Built Robot:Open Regulation Class:Autonomous Fight Robot)

「BLACK TIGER α5 (ZETA)」Hand Unit Changed to those of BLACk TIGER NEO Dec 2013 

(Custom-Built Robot:Open Regulation Class)

「BLACK TIGER β4」Leg elongated, Hand changed March 2014

(Remodeled KHR-2HV exchaned with KRS-2350HV×6, KRS-4013HV×8):Open Regulation Class under 2 kg

「BLACK TIGER L46」BT-L45 Remodeled March 2014

(New Custum-Built 4-Long Legged Robot:13 axes)

「BLACK TIGER L44」 Head and Legs Remodeled May 2011

(Custom-built 4-Legged Robot: 12 axes)

At ROBO-ONE , the battle and competition of biped robots have been done in Japan. I had been thinking to try making biped robot, but the hurdle of enrollment was difficult for the beginner.

There have been "Robot Kingdom" of the robot specialty store in the 3rd floor of the "Tsukumo Pasokon" main office at Akihabara, Tokyo. For collecting the robot information, I sometimes visited. Then I knew that a biped robot kit "KHR-1" from KONDOU KAGAKU CO.,LED was on sale. I purchased it and decided to challenge making up the robot(Aug.1st 2004).

Concerning the personal computer, being able to understand, however I had no knowledge about the robot. "KHR-1" is easily assembled with a driver, was written on the instruction manual. I recorded the process of bulding it up as the production diary and began to release in my web site (Aug.21st 2004).

I completed "KHR-1" on September 19th 2004. As the various option parts have been sold for KHR-1, those were purchased and then my KHR-1 was remodelled. The remodelling robot "BLACK TIGER" which KHR-1 as the base, was completed on June 3rd 2006. At this oppotunity of completed of "BLACK TIGER", I also started to join the competition meeting of the biped robot from June 2006.

The motion ability of "BLACK TIGER" is not so high comparing the other competitors' robots because of using the kit as the base. Therefore, I began to make the new custom built biped robot using high power acutuators on December 3rd 2006. The prototype of new custom built robot "BLACK TIGER NEO" was completed on December 31st 2006. Presently it continues to improve of the new one and to add autonomous fighting system. I also began to make a new multi-legged robot , and the prototype of the robot was completed on December 23rd, 2009.

I am writing web sites contents (in Japanese) including the diary page ( in Japanese ) as the memo/note for myself. I started to upload this site 'My Biped Robot Page' on Aug. 17th 2008 and also started blog site 'BIPED ROBOT NEWS JAPAN' on Nov. 1st, 2008 for the hobbyists of biped robot all over the world. If someone who tries to challenge in making of biped robot refers my sites, that's my pleasure.

Tsutomu IKEDA, Ph.D.
Mar. 7th, 2010

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Mar 29 2015

BT-L46 Joined the 23rd Robot Survival Game

?The 23rd Robot Survival Game took place at Mokei-juku in Tokyo on Mar 29, 2015. Five robots as BLACK TIGER L46 (IKETOMU), Denryu (Gons) , Sakura-2gou (Yoshisda),  SR1 (SR-COM) and Tiger-kai2 joined the 23rd Survival Game.

Eighteen Games such as 5 Combat Shooting, 2 Handicap Duel Fight,4 Duel Fight,5 Extermination Battle and 2 Battle Royal (Rumble Battle) were carried out in the 23rd. All robots were controlled camera system in all battles.

BT-L46 Robot Survival Game System as mini gun, laser aim, sensor and camera.

Combat Shooting 1: BLACK TIGER L46 (IKETOMU),1 minute 54 seconds,1 point.

Handicap Duel Fight 1: BT-L46 (handicapped) vs Tiger-kai2, over the time limit.

Duel Fight 2: BT-L46 vs SR-1. The winner was BT-L46, 1 minute 9 seconds.

Duel Fight 3: BT-L46 vs Tiger-kai2. The winner was BT-L46, 1 minute 15 seconds.

Extermination Battle 1: Blue Team (BT-L46, SR-1) vs Red Team (Denryu, Tiger-kai2).
The winner was Red Team, 1 minute 7 seconds.

Extermination Battle 2: Blue Team (BT-L46, Sakura-2gou) vs Red Team (Denryu, Tiger-kai2).
The winner was Red Team, 1 minute 13 seconds.

Extermination Battle 3 : One strong robot vs three robots as Denryu vs BT-L46, SR-1, Tiger-kai2.
The winner was Denryu, 1 minute 21 seconds.

Extermination Battle 4: Blue Team (Denryu, Sakura-2gou) vs Red Team (BT-L46, Tiger-kai2).
The winner was Blue Team, 1 minute 22 seconds.

Extermination Battle 5: Blue Team (Denryu, SR-1) vs Red Team (BT-L46, Tiger-kai2, + Sniper), over the time limit.
A sniper with gun joined to the Red Team out of the field.

Rumble Battle 1: BLACK TIGER L46 (IKETOMU), Denryu (Gons) , Sakura-2gou (Yoshida), SR-1 (SR-COM) and Tiger-kai2 (Nishida).
The winner was Sakura-2gou.

Rumble Battle 2: BLACK TIGER L46 (IKETOMU), Denryu (Gons) , Sakura-2gou (Yoshida) and Tiger-kai2 (Nishida), over the time limit.

Feb 14 2015

BT-R3HV Joined the 10th TIROL-CHOCO Robot Competition

The 10th TIROL-CHOCO Robot Competition , sponsored by MASAYUKI-san, supported by RT Co., Ltd. and cooperated by TIROL-CHOCO CO., took place at Akihabara Robot Aisle, Tokyo on Feb. 14, 2015.

Nine Robots joined were 1) Z-Tiromon (TIROL) by Moto-Iincho, 2) Garukid (UK1) by Kumama, 3) Zemunes (UK1) by Nigagawa, 4) Shaoron (UK1) by Koizumi, 5) Teruru (UK1) by A4, 6) Bosa-2 (TIROL) by Masaharu Mukoyama, 7) Proto-Trolin (TIROL) by Sugar, 8) Tirolia-1 (TIROL) by Ikki Saito, 9) BT-R3HV (TIROL) by IKETOMU.??

(1) Foot Race
Robot walks the course within 3 minutes. The order is depended on the time. If robot cannot walk the course within 3 minutes, the order is depended on the distance from the start line.  Each robot can try twice and the best time is recorded.   Videos of nine robots Foot Race are as follows;

(2) TIROL-CHOCO Shooting
Three paper cups with TIROL-CHOCO on the top put on the field.  Robot shoots the paper cups from oposite side for 5 minutes. Robot gets dropped TIROL-CHOCO from the top of paper cup. The order is depended on the number of shot TIROL-CHOCO. Videoe of nine robots TIROL-CHOCO Shooing are as follows;

(3) TIROL-CHOCO Carrying Race
The field divided 15 small parts which numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.  When robot walks through the number, player puts the number of TIROL-CHOCOs into the basket on the robot, then robot goes back to the start place.  The order is depended on the time and the number of TIROL-CHOCO carried within 5 minutes.  Videos of nine robots TIROL-CHOCO Carrying Race are as follows;

Foot Race: the 1st try 106.3 seconds, the 2nd try 55.9 seconds, the 4th place

The winner robot of TIROL-CHOCO 10th was Teruru by A4, the 2nd place was Z-Tiromon by Motoiincho and the 3rd place was Garukid by Kumama. BT-R3H was the 4th place. Zemunes got Elegant Prize which obtained votes the most by players attended.

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