Novice Cardmodel Designer

Up date: 31 July, 2012

Hello every paper-modelers and/or trekkers :-)
Welcome to Zosho's "Novice Cardmodel Designer" page where you can find card models of STAR TREK star ships! All models except Intrepid class star ship were designed by myself using PhotoShop. I am planning to develop more models and publish them on this site. I would be happy hearing from you how you like the models. All comments are welcome.

United Federation of Planets

Sabre class v2

Olympic class

Prometheus class

Sovereign class Ver.3

Nebula class

Akira class

constellation class

Sovereign class Ver. 2

Defiant class

Sabre class

Romulan Star Empire


Klingon Empire

Vor'cha class


Jem'Hadar attack ship

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