Crayfish return to Slovak streams, farm founded as pollution ebbs
June 11, 2008
CTK Daily News

Polomka, Central Slovakia, June 11 (CTK) - The crayfish population in Slovakia, decimated by pollution in the past, is expected to grow now that the quality of water has improved and a crayfish farm will be founded on the upper reaches of the Hron river to boost the crustaceans' return in the wild.

Businessman Dusan Muska has told CTK that he wants to establish the farm where crayfish will be bred along with trout. Some of them will be sold to local restaurants, the rest will be returned to the wild and released at places where they had become extinct.

"We cooperate on the project with the State Environment Protection authority," Muska said.

Crayfish are strictly protected in Slovakia. To launch their breeding, Muska has to catch the first crayfish in the wild at the places where they still survive.

In the past, crayfish lived in almost all Slovak streams, but the pollution by sewage water and chemicals used in agriculture seriously devastated them in the past.