Marroners on the hunt

Jan. 31, 2008
Collie Mail

MARRON hunters have been out in force during the past week in search of the perfect catch.

The season opened at noon on Friday, with people coming from all over to feed on the sweet meat of the freshwater crayfish.

Fisheries Department compliance officer for the southern region, Peter Godfrey said people needed to stick to the limits and rules this marron season.

Unique to WA, marron are currently under threat due to low rainfall and loss of habitat.

"They are very fragile so people need to do the right thing to protect them for the future," he said.

The bag limit for marron is 10 per licence and 20 in possession and they must be at least 80mm long.

In trophy areas, including Harvey Dam, the limit is five marron per licence holder and the minimum length is 90mm.

All catchment areas are out of bounds including Harris River and Stirling Dam.

Fishers can only use snares at dams and drop and scoop nets in other areas.

Maximum fines for most offences are $5000 plus $40 for each marron.

Mr Godfrey said the department would have patrols out to specifically focus on illegal marroning gear.

A detailed brochure outlining marroning rules can be downloaded from

Licences are available at the post office, any Fisheries Department office or online.

The season will end at noon on February 17.