Marron season to start two weeks later this year
Nov. 23, 2007
Sunday Times, Perth Now

FISHERS are reminded that the 2008 marron season will start almost two weeks later than last season and that a licence is required to go marron fishing.

Each seasonfs start date relates to the moon phase providing the best opportunity to catch a
marron. For 2008, it runs from noon on Friday January 25 to noon on Sunday February 17.

As was the case last season, there will again be 23 days for recreational fishers to pursue the
popular pastime of catching the worldfs largest freshwater crayfish in the South-West, the Moore River (near Guilderton) and the Hutt River in the Statefs Mid West.

A new brochure for the 2008 Marron season is now available from Department of Fisheries offices or it can be downloaded from the website at

The brochure outlines the start and finish dates for the season, describes the legal fishing gear for catching marron, how to measure them properly and where you can and canft go marroning, plus other rules and limits that apply.

Southern region compliance manager Peter Godfrey said from now until the marron season officially gets underway, Fisheries and Marine officers and officers from other Government agencies will be on the lookout for people who jump the gun.

gIn recent years, there have been several prosecutions of marron fishers, who were caught fishing out of season, so we play close attention to this possibility,h Mr Godfrey said.

gThe rules for wild-catch marron fishing are required to keep natural stocks sustainable, so the opportunity to go fishing for the popular species is still there in the future.h

Mr Godfrey said that in the lead up to the 2008 marron season, Department of Fisheries Education Officers would hold a number of information sessions for people interested in going marron fishing.

gThese sessions are conducted in collaboration with Department of Environment and Conservation Officers and are highly valuable for anyone who enjoys the fun of fishing for marron along our South West rivers or at the accessible public dams,h he said.