Papers in Alphabetical Order of the First Author (Edited by H. Kozima using gThe Preprint of ICCF17 Proceedingsh by ICCF17 Organizing Committee)


Oral Papers


(O1) Yu.N. Bazhutov1, E.O. Belousova, V.P. Koretsky and A.G. Parkhomov,

Investigation of Radiation Effects at Loading Ni, Be and LaNi5 by Hydrogen


(O2) J.-P. Biberian

Cold Fusion


(O3)J.-P. Biberian, I. Parchamazad and Melvin H. Miles

Possible Role of Oxides in the Fleischmann-Pons Effect


(O4)F. Celani, E. F. Marano, A. Spallone, A. Nuvoli, E. Purchi, M. Nakamura, B. Ortenzi, S. Pella, E. Righi, G. Trenta, S. Bartalucci, G. L. Zangari, F. Micciulla and S. Bellucci

Cu-Ni-Mn Alloy Wires, with Improved Submicrometric Surfaces, used as LENR Device by New Transparent, Dissipation-type, Calorimeter.


(O5)J. Dash and J. Solomon

Effect of Recrystallization on Heat Output and Surface Composition of Ti and Pd Cathodes


(O6)A.Y. Didyk and R.S. Wiśniewski

Nuclear Reactions in Gaseous Deuterium under High Pressure and in Saturated with Deuterium Palladium, induced by ƒΑ-quanta


(O7)O. Dmitriyeva, R. Cantwell, M. McConnell and G. Moddel

Using Bakeout to Eliminate Heat from H/D Exchange during Hydrogen Isotope Loading of Pd-Impregnated Alumina Powder


(O8) R. Godes, R. George, F. Tanzella and M. McKubre

Controlled Electron Capture and the Path toward  Commercialization


(O9) T.W. Grimshaw

Public Policy Planning for Broad Deployment of Cold Fusion (LENR) for Energy Production


(O10) P. Hagelstein and I. Chaudhary

A Model for Collimated x-ray Emission in the Karabut Experiment


(O11) T. Hioki, N. Sugimoto, T. Nishi, A. Itoh and T. Motohiro

Isotope Effect for Heat Generation upon Pressurizing Nano-Pd/Silica Systems with Hydrogen Isotope Gases


(O12) Y.E. Kim

Conventional Nuclear Theory of Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions in Metals: Alternative Approach to Clean Fusion Energy Generation


(O13) A. Kitamura, Y. Miyoshi1, H. Sakoh, A. Taniike1, Y. Furuyama, A. Takahashi, R. Seto, and Y. Fujita, T. Murota and T. Tahara

Recent Progress in Gas-phase Hydrogen Isotope Absorption/ adsorption Experiments


(O14) A. Kleehaus and C. Elsner

Potential Economic Impact of LENR Technology in Energy Markets


(O15) X.Z. Li , Z.M. Dong and C.L. Liang

gExcess Heath in Ni-H Systems and Selective Resonant Tunneling


(O16) B. Liu, Z.M. Dong, C.L. Liang, X.Z. Li

Nuclear Transmutation on a Thin Pd Film in a Gas-Loading D/Pd System


(O17) E. Lukosi, M. Prelas, J. Shim, H. Kasiwattanawut, C. Weaver, C.J. Mathai, and S. Gangopadhyay

Diamond-based Charged Particle and Neutron Sensor for LENR Experiments


(O18) M. McKubre, J. Bao, F. Tanzella and P. Hagelstein

Calorimetric Studies of the Destructive Stimulation of Palladium and Nickel Fine Wires


(O19)A. Meulenberg and K P Sinha

New Visions of Physics through the Microscope of Cold Fusion


(O20)M.H. Miles

Co-Deposition of Palladium and other Transition Metals in H2O and D2O Solutions


(O21) G.H. Miley, X. Yang, K.-J. Kim, andH. Hora

Use of D/H Clusters in LENR and Recent Results from Gas Loaded Nanoparticle-Type Clusters


(O22)T. Mizuno

Theoretical Analysis of Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions (CANR) in Nano- particles


(O23) P.A. Mosier-Boss

Itfs not Low Energy – But it is Nuclear


(O24) S. Park and F. Gordon

Cold Fusion-From the Laboratory to the World – Setting the Stage for the State for ICCF-17


(O25) M.A. Prelas and E. Lukosi

Neutron Emission from Cryogenically Cooled Metals Under Thermal Shock


(O26)H. Sakoh, Y. Miyoshi, A. Taniike, Y. Furuyama, A. Kitamura, A. Takahashi, R. Seto, and Y. Fujita, T. Murota and T. Tahara

Hydrogen Isotope Absorption and Heat Release Characteristics of a Ni-based Sample


(O27) M. Srinivasan

Transmutations and Isotopic Shifts in LENR Experiments: An Overview


(O28) M.R. Swartz and P.L. Hagelstein

Demonstration of Energy Gain from a Preloaded ZrO2-PdD Nanostructured CF/LANR Quantum Electronic Device at MIT


(O29)M. Swartz, G. Verner and J. Tolleson

Energy Gain from Preloaded ZrO2-PdNi-D Nanostructured CF/LANR Quantum Electronic Components


(O30) A. Takahashi

Physics of Cold Fusion by TSC Theory


(O31)N. Takahashi, S. Kosaka, T. Hioki and T. Motohiro

Detection of Pr in Cs Ion-implanted Pd/CaO Multilayer Complexes with and without D2 Gas Permeation


(O32) T. van Houwelingen

Is Commercial Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) the Real Deal?


(O33)V.I. Vysotskii, M.V. Vysotskyy and S.V. Adamenko

Application of Correlated States of Interacting Particles in Nonstationary and Periodical Modulated LENR Systems




Poster Papers


(P1) H. Aizawa, K. Mita, D. Mizukami, H. Uno and H. Yamada

Detecting Energetic Charged Particle in D2O and H2O Electrolysis Using a Simple Arrangement of Cathode and CR-39


(P2) Y. Bazhutov

Erzion Model Interpretation of the Experiments with Hydrogen Loading of Various Metals


(P3) N.D. Cook and V. Dallacasa

LENR and Nuclear Structure Theory


(P4) A.Y. Didyk and R.S. Wiśniewski

Changes in the Element Compositions of Pd and Re Specimens Irradiated in Dense Deuterium by ƒΑ-quanta with Boundary Energy 23 MeV


(P5) E. Esko

Anomalous Metals in Electrified Vacuum


(P6) D.J. French,

Patents and Cold Fusion


(P7) V. Godbole

Low-energy Electroweak (EW) Physics (in Cavities) in Lattices and Fluids


(P8) T.W. Grimshaw

Evidence-Based Public Policy for Support of Cold Fusion (LENR) Development


(P9) P. Hagelstein and I. Chaudhary

Models for Excess Heat in PdD and NiH


(P10) H. Hora, G.H. Miley, M.A. Prelas, K.J. Kim and X. Yang

Surface Effect for Gas Loading Micrograin Palladium for Low Energy Nuclear Reactions LENR


(P11) S. Jiang, X. Xu, L. Zhu, S. Gu, X. Ruan, M. He, B. Qi, X.Z. Li

Neutron Burst Emissions from Uranium Deuteride and Deuterium-loaded Titanium


(P12) D. Letts and P.L Hagelstein

Empirical Models for Excess Power in Dual Laser Experiments


(P13) E. Lewis

The Plasmoid Paradigm and Economics and Physics Periodicity


(P14) A. Meulenberg

Femto-atoms and Transmutation


(P15) A. Meulenberg and K.P. Sinha

Deep-electron Orbits in Cold Fusion


(P16) A. Meulenberg and K.P. Sinha

Deep-orbit-electron Radiation Emission in Decay from 4H to 4He


(P17) M.H. Miles

Examples of Isoperibolic Calorimetry in the Cold Fusion Controversy


(P18) K. Naitoh

Quasi-stability Theory: Revealing Various Atomic Breakups and Cold Fusion


(P19) H. Numata

Search for Advanced Simulation Model of Cascade Vortices under Beneath the Electrode Surface


(P20) H. Numata

Numerical Simulation of Vortex and Cascade of Vortices Appeared under Beneath the Sub-surface Layer


(P21) P. Orondo and P. Hagelstein

Basic Physics Model for PdH Thermodynamics


(P22) R.S. Stringham

Sonofusionfs Transient Dense BEC Clusters


(P23) S. Szpak and F. Gordon

Forcing the Pd/1H-1H2O System into a Nuclear Active State


(P24) D.S Szumski

Nickel Transmutation and Excess Heat Model Using Reversible Thermodynamics


(P25) G.V. Tarasenko

Geological Aspects of Cold Fusion


(P26) J. Tian, B. Shen, L. Jin, X. Zhao, X. Lu and H. Wang

Excess Heat Triggered by Different Current in a D/Pd Gas-loading System


(P27) V. I. Vysotskii

On the Possibility of Application of Widom-Larsen Theory for Analysis and Explanation of Rossi Experiments


(P28) V.I. Vysotskii, A.A. Kornilova, V.S. Chernysh, N.D. Gavrilova and A.M. Lotonov

Stimulated (B11p) LENR and Emission of Nuclear Particles in Hydroborates in the Region of Phase Transfer Point


(P29) X.F. Wang and Y. Arata

The Possibility of the Reuse of Nano-Pd Particles for Solid Fusion