CFRL ニュース No. 71          (2008. 8. 6)

Cold Fusion Research Laboratory (Japan) Dr. Hideo Kozima, Director

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   常温核融合現象CFP(The Cold Fusion Phenomenon) は、「背景放射線に曝された、高密度の水素同位体(H and/or D)を含む固体中で起こる、核反応とそれに付随した事象」を現す言葉で、固体核物理学(Solid-State Nuclear Physics)あるいは凝集体核科学(Condensed Matter Nuclear Science)に属すると考えられています。


  CFRL ニュース No.71をお送りします。この号では、次の記事を掲載しました。


1. Agenda of ICCF14 (August 10 – 15, 2008, Washington D.C., USA) が発表されました.

2. CFRL からの二つの論文がICCF14で発表されます

3. On the Recent Trend of the Cold Fusion Research.


1. Agenda of ICCF14 (August 10 – 15, 2008, Washington D.C., USA) が発表されました

Trinh Lieu からの手紙(下に引用)に添付されてAgendaが送られてきました。



Dear Colleagues,

 Here are the current agenda and three letters for ICCF-14, one each for oral presenters, poster presenters and session chairmen.  Some of you will serve multiple functions, in which case more than one of the letters is addressed to you.


Preparations for the conference are generally going well.  The meeting planning company is most helpful.  Arrangements with the hotel and various contractors are developing nicely.  This agenda could work out very well, thanks to you.  And, we expect over 150 registrants for the conference.


The Hyatt parent corporation imposed a renovation on the hotel, which became known to us and to the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill only after we signed the contract for ICCF-14.  The hotel management is working hard to make our stay there pleasant and productive.  The primary location of the renovation is in the entrance and lobby.  However, both are certainly working well.  Our meeting rooms and the sleeping rooms are unaffected by the renovation.  So, there is nothing to worry about, although we do not want your first impression of the conference hotel to be unnecessarily negative.


With best regards,


Dave Nagel and Mike Melich


Agenda attached to this letter is posted at CFRL website;



2. Two Papers from CFRL will be presented at ICCF14

   ICCF14 のポスターセッションで(August 14, 2008)次の2論文を発表します。 (1) complexity in the cold fusion phenomenon (CFP)について、および(2) nuclear transmutations in cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)について:

(1) H. Kozima, “Complexity in the Cold Fusion Phenomenon,”

(2) H. Kozima and H. Date, “Nuclear Transmutations in Polyethylene (XLPE) Films and Water Tree Generation in Them”


論文(1)では、18年間に測定された実験データを複雑系の立場で解析したもので、これまでそんな実験データもあったね、程度にしか評価されていなかったものが、重要な意味を持っていることを示すことができました。Haiko Lietzは、Stormsの本の過剰熱の157個のデータを整理し、既に私がMcKubre et al. (b = – 1) Dash et al. (b = – 2)のデータで示した逆べき法則が成り立つことを示しています。この場合、指数は(b = – 1)になるようです。ということは、McKubreのデータの読み取りに近いことになります。逆べき法則だけでなく、複雑系の他の特徴も Fleischmann et al., De Ninno et al., McKubre et al. および Dash et al. などの古典的な実験データから示すことができます。したがって、常温核融合現象(CFP)が複雑系の現象であって、盛んに議論されてきた再現性の問題自体、あまり意味がないことになるでしょう。

論文(2)では、Kumazawa et al. の架橋ポリエチレンとMizuno et al.のペナンとレン (C14H10)での核変換のデータを解析しました。遷移金属と重水素が存在しない系での常温核融合現象ですから、これらのデータの解析はこの現象の本質を解明する手段を与える可能性があります。

論文(1) (2) のプレプリントとも言うべき論文をReports of CFRL (Cold Fusion Research Laboratory) 8-1, and 8-2 (2008)として発行し、つぎのCFRL websiteに掲示しました;

3. On the Recent Trend of the Cold Fusion Research.


First, it is necessary to realize on what kind of view we work in this field of the cold fusion phenomenon (CFP). An approach to the CFP targeting at the reactions;

d + d = 4He + phonons,

and similar reactions among deuterons is surely a possible route to reach the final goal of the science of the CFP putting protium systems aside at first. However, it is a scientific stage of investigation of the CFP now and should open our eyes to various routes of approach not confining ourselves to a specific route. And also we have to be modest to listen to opinions from outside of our community that is composed of few experts in each specific fields of science.

   Another point I have noticed in the recent theoretical works is ambiguity in their points of view. As I asked to distinguish conceptual discrimination among (1) hypothesis, (2) model and (3) theory in Appendix B of my book (The Science of the Cold Fusion Phenomenon, Elsevier, 2006, ISBN-10: 0-080- 45110-1), it is essential to understand nature of a theoretical work. A hypothesis and a model are based on experimental data and will be accepted only in the community (or a part of the community) in which the experimental data are believed in to be true. On the other hand, a theory should be based on fundamental principles supposed to be accepted by almost all scientists. Then, the theory is universal and effective to make communication with scientists outside of our community who are generally skeptical to experimental data sets obtained and believed in cold fusion researchers. The positive estimation of excess heat measurement in the DOE Report 2004 is a good signal.

   As I discussed in my book also, there is a conceptual barriers between the cold fusion community and mainstream scientists mainly based on the lack of theoretical explanation for the cold fusion phenomenon. If we can supply new theoretical tools to understand curious events in the CFP outside of their understanding, there will born a new field of science between solid-state physics and nuclear physics at present. We hope the day will come soon when the CFP is discussed in physics and chemistry conferences on solid-state physics, nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry.