CFRL ニュース No. 68          (2007. 5. 1)

Cold Fusion Research Laboratory (Japan) Dr. Hideo Kozima, Director

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   常温核融合現象CFP(The Cold Fusion Phenomenon) は、「背景放射線に曝された、高密度の水素同位体(H and/or D)を含む固体中で起こる、核反応とそれに付随した事象」を現す言葉です。


  CFRL ニュース No.68をお送りします。この号では、次の記事を掲載しました。

1.     物理学科の春学期のセミナーでCFPの最近の話題を提供しました

2.     The Journal of New Energy No. 7-2 (2007) がまもなく刊行されます


1.   物理学科の春学期のセミナーでCFPの最近の話題を提供しました






April 23, 2007

SB1 107

3:15 pm


The Science of the Cold Fusion Phenomenon

By Hideo Kozima

Cold Fusion Research Laboratory (Shizuoka, Japan) and

Low Energy Nuclear Laboratory (PSU)



In 1989, the discovery of the now infamous “cold fusion process” was announced at a press conference on the same day that a scientific paper about the discovery was accepted for publication in a scientific journal. This discovery was greeted with great interest across the globe due to its potential application as a greener, more environmentally friendly energy source, and because such a phenomenon is impossible according to accepted theory. At the time, the physics and chemistry of the cold fusion phenomenon were too complicated to be understood based on current thinking then.

I have engaged in this field for more than 16 years during which a traditional approach was used to explain the cold fusion phenomenon, using models, and quantum dynamics in tandem. The results show elements of the new science of the cold fusion phenomenon (CFP), where neutrons in solids seem to be a key element in an interdisciplinary region of traditional solid-state physics, nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry.

It is also emphasized that a system in which the CFP occurs should be considered as a complex system where self-organization and chaos appear if the system is put into an unstable state. This is a necessary condition for inducing the CFP. In reality, there are many phases of the CFP suggesting that self-organization and/or chaos do occur.

In this seminar, those features of the CFP will be explained using experimental data and possible explanations based on the traditional science of solids and nuclei.


2. The Journal of New Energy No. 7-2 (2007) がまもなく刊行されます

   表記の雑誌は、1989年から数年間、Bockrisなど核変換のデータを先駆的に発表する役割を果たしたことで、常温核融合現象の研究に多大な寄与をしましたが、このところ発行が不定期になっていました。2003年にNo.7-1 を出してから、しばらく鳴りを潜めていましたが、ようやく次号J. New Energy No. 7-2 (2007)を出すことになったと連絡がありました。

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1) H. Kozima, “Anomalous Nuclear Reactions and Atomic Processes in Transition-Metal Hydrides and Deuterides” J. New Energy 7-2 (2007) (to be published)

2) H. Kozima, “Six Sketches on Complexity and Wavefunctions in the Cold Fusion Phenomenon” J. New Energy 7-2 (2007) (to be published)


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