CFRL ニュース No. 66          (2006. 11. 3)

Cold Fusion Research Laboratory (Japan) Dr. Hideo Kozima, Director

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   常温核融合現象CFP(The Cold Fusion Phenomenon) は、「背景放射線に曝された、高密度の水素同位体(H and/or D)を含む固体中で起こる、核反応とそれに付随した事象」を現す言葉です。


  CFRL ニュース No.66をお送りします。この号では、次の記事を掲載しました。

1. ICCF13 が来年6月に開催されることが決まりました

2. JCF7のProceedingsが発行されました


1.ICCF13 が来年6月に開催されることが決まりました

Dr. BazhutovがCMNS研究者に送った手紙(下記)によると、ICCF13は625日から71日まで、ソチの近くのダガムス地区のホテルで開かれることが決まったようです。

 “I want confirm all of you that the final ICCF13 time will be (25 June to 1 July) in Dagomys, Sochi, Russia.

Next week I hope the first information about ICCF13 will appear on the our ICCF13 web site 

See all of you in the ICCF13 in Dagomys next year. Best regards.

Sincerely yours,

Yuri Bazhutov,

ICCF13 Chairman”


1.    JCF7 のProceedingsが発行されました。




This is Proceedings of the 7th Meeting of Japan CF-Research Society, JCF7, which was held at Kagoshima University, 27-28 April 2006.

Japan CF-Research Society (JCF) was established in March 1999, with its first scientific and general assembly meeting JCF 1 at Osaka, aiming at the promotion of CF researches in Japan and sending information to the world. CF researches stand for investigating new kinds of nuclear reactions which are supposed to take place in the environment of condensed matter. In 1999 to 2005, we could successfully organized JCF meetings JCF 1 through JCF6, in almost every year. We started to issue the printed and electronic (via internet) versions of Proceedings of JCF meetings since JCF4.

Submitted papers to JCF7 meeting were peer-reviewed by the JCF Editorial Board (Chairman; Professor Hiroshi Yamada, Iwate University). One or two reviewers were offered to review each of submitted papers, who kindly sent back comments, questions, corrections to authors via Editorial Board. After receiving revised versions, papers were accepted to publish.

The book of Proceedings JCF7 does not necessarily contain all of presentations at the JCF7 meeting.

Abstracts of all presentations are available at our web-site http://wwwcf.elc.iwate-u ac ip/icf/ . The electronic version of the Proceedings is also available in the same web-site.

CF-Researches in the world is now called as Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (CMNS), since the establishment of the International Society ISCMNS ( ). Accumulation of research efforts by researchers in the world since 1989, especially concrete results obtained in latest reports, has revealed the existence of new nuclear reactions in condensed matter, under strong linkage between nuclear physics and condensed matter physics and chemistry. Clean deuteron-related fusion with 4He ash and cold transmutations of host and added metal nuclei in metal-deuterium and metal-proton systems are actual consequences of latest CMNS studies, both in experiments and theories. JCF has been keeping in touch with linkage and collaboration with ISCMNS and world researchers.

We thank you all participants of JCF7.

               Hiroshi Yamada (Prof., Iwate University), Chairman of JCF Editorial Board

September 2006





H. Yamada--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i



1. Energy Output and Material Balance During Plasma Electrolysis of Water

K. Iizumi, S. Mitsushima, N. Kamiya and K:I. Ota---------------------------------------1

2. Microscopic Structural Change of Pd During Repeated Cathodic and Anodic Glycerin and Phosphoric Acid.

Numata and M. Ban---------------------------------------------------------------------------6

3. Analysis of Nuclear Transmutation Yields for Pd-H Systems by SCS Model

 Y. Toriyabe, T. Mizuno, T. Ohmori and Y. Aoki--------------------------------------16

4. Reproduction of Nuclear Transmutation in CaO/Sr/Pd Samples by Deuterium Gas Permeation

H. Iwai, R. Satoh, R. Nishio, A. Taniike, Y. Furuyama and A. Kitamura---------- 23

5. Producing an Element of Mass Number 137 on Multi-layered Pd Sample with Small Amount of Cs by Deuterium Permeation

H. Yamada, S. Narita, S. Taniguchi, T. Ushirozawa, S. Kurihara, M. Higashizawa, H. Sawada and M. Itagaki---------------------------------------------------------------- 28

6. Possibility of Inducing Selective Transmutation in Discharge Experiment

S. Narita, H. Yamada, D. Takahashi, Y. Wagatsuma, M. Itagaki and S.Taniguchi---------------------------------------------------------------------------33

7. Electrochemical Compression of Hydrogen inside a Pd-Ag Thin Wall Tube by Alcohol-Water Electrolyte

F. Celani, A. Spallone, P. Marini, V. Di Stefano, M. Nakamura,V. Andreassi, A. Mancini, E. Righi, G. Trenta, E. Purchi, U. Mastromatteo, E. Celia, F. Falcioni, M. Marchesini, E. Novaro, F. Fontana, L. Gamberale, D. Garbelli, P. G. Sona, F. Todarello, G. D'agostaro, P. Quercia----------------------------------------------------------- 38



8. Possibility of Control on Coulomb Potential

S. Sasabe-------------------------------------------------------------------------------47

9. Mechanism of Nuclear Reaction and Bose-Einstein Condensation in Solids

K. Tsuchiya -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 51

10. Brief Review on Fusion Rates of Bosonized Condensates- Part-IBasic Theory -

A. Takahashi and N. Yabuuchi ------------------------------------------------------56

11. Brief Review on Fusion Rates of Bosonized Condensates-Part IIEQPET/TSC Model

A. Takahashi and N. Yabuuchi------------------------------------------------------63

12. Possible Nuclear Transmutation of Nitrogen in Atmosphere of Earth (II)

M. Fukuhara----------------------------------------------------------------------------71

13. Comments on Role of CaO-Layer in Iwamura Cold Transmutation

A. Takahashi and N. Yabuuchi -------------------------------------------------------74

14. Formation of Tetrahedral, Octahedral or Hexahedral Symmetric Condensation by Hopping of Alkali or Alkaline-earth Metal Ion

H. Miura---------------------------------------------------------------------------------79

15. Tetrahedral and- Cubic Forms Ψ and Condensate Nuclear Fusion

N. Yabuuchi and A. Takahashi-------------------------------------------------------84