CFRL News No. 44(2002. 11. 20

Cold Fusion Research Laboratory (Japan) Dr. Hideo Kozima, Director

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  CFRL News No. 44をお送りします。

   常温核融合現象CFP(Cold Fusion Phenomenon) は、「背景放射線に曝された、高密度の水素同位体(H and/or D)を含む固体中で起こる、核反応とそれに付随した事象」を現す言葉です。


1) アメリカ原子力学会ANS 年会 (June 1 – 5, 2003, San Diego) で常温核融合LENR分科が開かれます(論文募集)

2) 次の論文がJJAPに掲載されました。R.A. Oriani and J.C. Fisher, "Generation of Nuclear Trucks during Electrolysis

3) 10回ロシア会議のプログラム

the RCCNTCE10 (The 10th Russian Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutations of Chemical Elements and Ball-Lightening)

September 29 - October 6, 2002, Dagomys, Sochi


1) アメリカ原子力学会ANS 年会 (June 1 – 5, 2003, San Diego) で常温核融合LENR分科が開かれます(論文募集)

 アメリカ原子力学会American Nuclear Society (ANS)2003年の年会が、来年の61日―5日にSan Diego, CA, USAで開かれます。

この年会でTechnical Divisionの一つ「アイソトープおよび放射線」部門が、常温核融合(Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction LENR)の分科を開くそうです。

January 17, 2003が申し込み締め切りのようですから、奮って参加しようではありませんか。

American Nuclear Society 2003 Annual Meeting

Date; June 1 – 5, 2003

Place; Town and Country Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA

Session; Track 8: Nonpower Radiation Applications, 8c Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (in Technical Division – Isotopes and Radiation (IRD))

このテクニカル分科IRDのプログラム責任者はStephen LaMont at Savannah River Labsです。このセッションについての質問は、彼に問い合わせてください。 .


2) 次の論文がJJAPに掲載されました。R.A. Oriani and J.C. Fisher, "Generation of Nuclear Trucks during Electrolysis

JCF Mailによると、日本応用物理学会の発行する欧文誌 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP) に新しいCFPの論文が掲載されました。このニュースNo.38で述べたように、現在最も科学的な学術団体は、イタリア物理学会とロシア物理学会とアメリカ原子力学会に加えて日本応用物理学会であるようです。ウェブサイトは


R.A. Oriani and J.C. Fisher, "Generation of Nuclear Trucks during Electrolysis."  Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., Vol.41 (2002) pp.6180-6183.


3) RCCNTCE10 (The 10th Russian Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutations of Chemical Elements and Ball-Lightening)


   この会議のプログラムがIrina Savvatimovaから送られてきました。以下にCFPと関連した部分を選んで掲載します。プログラムの全体はCFRL News No.44のウェブサイトに掲示します。


Sunday, September 29

Arrival and registration of participants              10:00 - 17:00

 Welcome reception at the Conference hall           17:00 - 19:00


Monday, September 30

Opening of the Conference, greetings


Session 1                     10:00 - 12:00

Chair: Bazhutov Yu.N.


1. Bazhutov Yu.N., “Russian Scientists in Cold Fusion during 13 years of it's Existence (following the proceedings of the conferences)”

3. Savvatimova I.D., John Dash, Steven Franz, ”Increasing Intensity of Disintegration Process during irradiation of Uranium with Isotopes of Hydrogen in Glow Discharge Plasma”

4. Kuznetsov V.D.,Some Considerations on the Experimental Observation of Cold Transmutation of Chemical Elements and Irradiation of Particles with Magnetic Charge”


Session 2                       15:00 - 17:00

Chair: Bychkov V.L.



Tuesday, October 1

Session 3                    10:00 - 12:00

Chair: Romodanov V.A.


9. Goryachev I.V., Yang Hyunik, Karyaka V.I., Lyakhovets V.D., Samsonenko N.V., Schepilov V.D., Kholodov L.I., ”Experimental Study of Peculiarities of Electric Explosion of the Conductors”

10. Kholodov L.I., “Preliminary Considerations about Pulse of Force in Urutskoev's Group Experiment”

11. Shadrin V.N., “About Possible Mechanisms of Cold Nuclear Transmutation”

12. Kazyonov G.F., Eremeev A.V., Nikitenko L.K., Ponomaryov V.M., “Experiments on Registration of Abnormal Heat Output in Heavy Water Electrolysis”


Session 4                     15:00 - 17:00

Chair: Klimov A.I.


16. Vlasov A.N., “Possible Electron Catalyzed Fusion in the Stabilized Heterogeneous Plasma with a Cold External Layer”


Wednesday, October 2

Session 5                        10:00 - 12:00

Chair: Goryachev I.V.


17. Vysotski V.I., Kornilova A.A., Samoylenko I.I., A.Zykov G.A., “Experimental Investigation of Catalytic Influence of Cesium on the Effectiveness of Nuclear Transmutation of Intermediate and Heavy Mass Isotopes in Growing Biological Cultures”

18. Kornilova A.A., Samoylenko I.I., Zykov G.A., “Study of Different Influence of Sr, Cl and S on the Effectiveness of Nuclear Transmutation of Fe-54 Isotope in Growing Biological Cultures”

19. Romodanov V.F., “Optimization of the Parameters of Interaction of Hydrogen Isotopes with Metals for Excess Heat Generation”

20. Romodanov V.A., Skuratnik Ya.B., “The Possibility of Tritium Generation in Metal-Hydrogen Systems”


Session 6                     15:00 - 17:00

Chair: Nikitin A.I.



Thursday, October 3

Session 7                    10:00 - 12:00

Chair: Savvatimova I.B.


24. Chernov I.P., Turin Yu.I., “Excitation of Hydrogen Subsystem in Metals and Alloys by Ionizing Radiation”

26 Velikhodny V.Yu., Grishin V.G., “Experimental Investigation of Functioning of Vortex Heaters with Carried-out Contour”

27. Velikhodny V.Yu., Bityurin V.A., “Power Plant on the Basis of Clusters Synthesis”

28. Bazhutov Yu.N., Grishin V.G., Nosov V.N., “Electrolysis with Gas Discharge at the Anode.”


Session 8                      15:00 - 17:00

Chair: Samsonenko N.V.


29. Rodionov B.U., “Fire from a Ball Lightning”

30. Rodionov B.U.,Atoms on Strings of Dark Matter?”

31. Bazhutov Yu.N., “Erzion Construction of Magnetic "Rodionov's Fluxes" and Possible Consequences of Their Existence in Nature”

32. Godin S.M., Polyakov L.B., Roschin V.V., “Electric, Magnetic & Radiation Effects Research in Modificated Koldamasov Cell.”


Friday, October 4

Session 9               10:00 - 12:00

Chair: Chernov I.P.



Session 10                  15:00 - 17:00

Chair: Rodionov B.U.


37. Samsonenko N.V., “Correct Taking into Account of Magnetic Interaction of Fermions at Low and High Energies”

38. Samsonenko N.V., “About Choosing the Dynamic Changeable Parameters for Description of Quantum Systems”

39. Kirkinski V.A., Novikov Yu.A.,Calculations of Nuclear Reactions Probability in Crystal Lattice of Titanium Deuteride”


Saturday, October 5

Session 11                   10:00 - 12:00

Chair: Bazhutov Yu.N.

Discussion of the participants of the Conference

Final resume of the Chairman




Sunday, October 6


Guest departure