CFRL English News No. 78       (2012. 2. 1)


Cold Fusion Research Laboratory (Japan) by Dr. Hideo Kozima, Director

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CFP (Cold Fusion Phenomenon) stands for gnuclear reactions and accompanying events occurring in open (with external particle and energy supply), non-equilibrium system composed of solids with high densities of hydrogen isotopes (H and/or D) in ambient radiationh belonging to Solid-State Nuclear Physics (SSNP) or Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (CMNS).


   This is the CFRL News (in English) No. 78 for Cold Fusion researchers published by Dr. H. Kozima, now at the Cold Fusion Research Laboratory, Shizuoka, Japan.

This issue contains the following items:

1. Papers in Reports of CFRL (Cold Fusion Research Laboratory) are revised

2. New Energy Times opened gTheory Portal Pagesh


1.  Papers in Reports of CFRL (Cold Fusion Research Laboratory) are revised


Two papers (31) and (32) in the following website gReports of Cold Fusion Research Laboratory (Reports of CFRL)h are revised and newly added:


(32) H. Kozima, gCold Fusion Phenomenon in Open, Nonequilibrium, Multi-component Systemsh Reports of CFRL (Cold Fusion Research Laboratory) 12–1, 1 – 13 (January, 2012)

(31) H. Kozima, gThree Laws in the Cold Fusion Phenomenon and Their Physical Meaningh Reports of CFRL (Cold Fusion Research Laboratory) 11–5, 1 – 14 (April, 2011)


Paper (31) is revised adding materials presented at JCF12.

Paper (32) presents a systematic account of the characteristic of the cold fusion phenomenon (CFP), its occurrence in open, nonequilibrium and unstable systems, not seriously considered until now. The self-organization and bifurcation structure of the CFP, studied thoroughly in the science of complexity, are investigated qualitatively with comparison to the results of simulation in the complexity.


2. New Energy Times opened gTheory Portal Pagesh


Steven Krivit sent us a mail announcing new hTheory Portal Pagesh in his New Energy Times website.



Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have made theory portal pages for all of you. Please send me any additional information you would like me to add to your respective pages.
(Frank Gordon on behalf of Stan Szpak)
Thank you,

Steven B. Krivit

Senior Editor, New Energy Times
Editor-In-Chief, Wiley Nuclear Energy Encyclopedia
Executive Director, New Energy Institute Inc.
369-B Third Street  |  Suite 556  |  San Rafael, California  |  USA 94901
T 310.470.8189  |   M 310.721.5919  |  F  213.226.4274




gives us following page.


<<LENR and Cold Fusion Theory Index

The list is composed of the major recognized theories in the field of LENR research that have been consistently presented in the related LENR conferences or published in mainstream peer-reviewed journals.

It was derived primarily from two sources:

1. Thomas Dolan's slide presentation to the New Energy Institute board of directors on May 21, 2009.

2. The peer-reviewed paper by Steven B. Krivit and Jan Marwan "A New Look at Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction Research," Journal of Environmental Monitoring, published on Sept. 3, 2010 (DOI:10.1039/B915458M)

Kirkinshii and Novikov identified a total of 66 LENR theories in 2002 (see summary slide by Dolan below).

Bazhutov-Vereshkov Theory

Chubb (Scott) Theory

Chubb (Talbot) Theory

Fisher Theory

Gareev Theory

Hagelstein Theory

Hora-Miley Theory

Kim-Zubarev Theory

Kirkinskii-Novikov Theory

Kozima Theory

Li Theory

Preparata Theory (added Jan. 16)

Sinha-Meulenberg Theory

Storms Theory (added Jan. 16)

Szpak Theory

Takahashi Theory

Widom-Larsen Theory


Summary page by New Energy Institute board member Tom Dolan:@(omitted)


For an example, I copied my Portal page and posted at another page of CFRL News No.78