CFRL English News No. 73       (2009. 10. 20)

Cold Fusion Research Laboratory (Japan) by Dr. Hideo Kozima, Director

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CFP (Cold Fusion Phenomenon) stands for gnuclear reactions and accompanying events occurring in solids with high densities of hydrogen isotopes (H and/or D) in ambient radiationh belonging to Solid-State Nuclear Physics (SSNP) or Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (CMNS).

    This is the CFRL News (in English) No. 73 for Cold Fusion researchers published by Dr. H. Kozima, now at the Cold Fusion Research Laboratory, Shizuoka, Japan.

This issue contains following items:

1. Cold Fusion Session in APS March Meeting was held on March 16 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2. ACS National Spring Meeting in Salt Lake CityiMarch 22 – 26, 2009j was held

3. JCF9 was held on March 28 and 29, 2009 in Shizuoka City, Japan

4. Proceedings of JCF9 was published

5. Three papers from Cold Fusion Research Laboratory (CFRL) was presented at JCF9

6. ICCF15iOctober 5 – 9, Rome, Italyj was held.

1.   2009 APS March Meeting‚ÌCold Fusion SessioniMarch 16 – 20, 2009, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvaniaj@was held on March 16.

The nominal name of the session is written in the Program as follows:

2009 APS March Meeting, Monday–Friday, March 16–20, 2009; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Session B16: Cold Fusion

 Ten papers was presented. The program of the Session is posted at the following page of the CFRL News (October 25, 2009):

2. Papers on the Cold Fusion Phenomenon were presented at ACS National Spring Meeting in Salt Lake City iMarch 22 – 26, 2009j

 Jan Marwan, chemist, organized the New Energy Technology Session of the Division of Environmental Chemistry at ACS National Spring Meeting in Salt Lake City (March 22 – 26, 2009). About 40 papers were presented at the Session from March 22 – 24.

 On the 20th anniversary of the memorial Fleischmann-Pons-Hawkins paper, there were veterans in this field who have contributed splendid works which formed the fundamental structure of the cold fusion science.

 The program of the Session is posted at the following page of CFRL News No. 73 (October 25, 2009):@

Abstracts of Scientific Papers were contained in the CD distributed at the Conference at a charge of $100 and also posted at the following site of the New Energy Times website:@


3. JCF9 was held on March 28 – 29, 2009 in Shizuoka, Japan

The 9th Annual Meeting of Japan CF-Research Society (JCF9) was held in Shizuoka City with 19 presentations and about 40 participants. The Proceedings of this Meeting was published by Prof. H. Yamada of Iwate University on September as explained in the next article.

4. Proceedings of JCF9 was published

Proceedings of the Ninth Meeting of Japan CF Research Society, JCF was published on September. The Preface and the Contents of the Proceedings were posted at the pages of CFRL News No. 73 (October 25, 2009):

The Program of the Proceedings and the Abstracts of the papers contained in it are posted at the JCF website:


5. Three papers from the CFRL (Cold Fusion Research Laboratory) were presented at JCF9

At the Conferences mentioned above (APS2009CACS2009, JCF9), several papers from the CFRL were presented. These papers were published as full papers in Reports of CFRL (the Cold Fusion Research Laboratory) and posted at CFRL website:

@The titles of the three papers presented at JCF9 were cited below;

(1) H. Kozima, gNon-localized Proton/Deuteron Wavefunctions and Neutron Bands in Transition-metal Hydrides/Deuteridesh Proc. JCF9, pp. 84 – 93 (2009)

(2) H. Kozima and T. Mizuno, gInvestigation of the Cold Fusion Phenomenon in the Surface Region of Hydrogen Non-occlusive Metal Catalysts; W, Pt, and Aug Proc. JCF9, pp. 52 – 58 (2009)

(3) T. Mizuno and H. Kozima, gHeat Generation by Hydrogenation of Carbon Hydrideh Proc. JCF9, pp. 41 – 45 (2009)


6. ICCF15 iOctober 5 – 9, Rome, Italyj was held in Rome

ICCF15 (The 15th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science) was held in Rome. The Program and the Abstracts of Papers are posted at the New Energy Times website:

Looking into the List of Abstracts, there are 71 Oral Presentations and 41 Poster Presentations. Oral Presentations include 10 papers on Fleischmann & Pons Experiments, 21 on Theories and 40 on Experiments.

As I have pointed out in my papers (especially in Reports of CFRL 8-5, posted at the following website), the Fleischmannfs hypothesis stays in the center of the research and an overall view of the cold fusion phenomenon is obscured: