CFRL English News No. 53             (2004. 1. 10)

Cold Fusion Research Laboratory (Japan) Dr. Hideo Kozima, Director

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   CFP (Cold Fusion Phenomenon) stands for gnuclear reactions and accompanying events occurring in solids with high densities of hydrogen isotopes (H and/or D) in ambient radiation.h


   This is the CFRL News (in English) No. 53 for Cold Fusion researchers published by Dr. H. Kozima, now at the Cold Fusion Research Laboratory, Shizuoka, Japan.

This issue contains following item:

1. Louis de Broglie Foundation took up Cold Fusion Phenomenon at its Symposium

2. JCF5 was held in Kobe, Japan

3DInternational Society of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ISCMNS) is established


1. Louis de Broglie Foundation took up Cold Fusion Phenomenon at its Symposium

A symposium on the Cold Fusion Phenomenon gDO THERE EXIST NUCLEAR REACTIONS AT THE ENERGIES OF ATOMIC LEVELS?h (EXISTE-T-IL DES REACTIONS NUCLEAIRES A DES ENERGIES DE NIVEAU ATOMIQUE ?) in Paris. (By correspondence with Dr. Christophe de Reyff).

 Its program is copied below. The complete proceedings are not published for the time being, but you can get some articles through the PC of Mr Henri Lehn :

Program with titles translated into English by the writer (with original French titles) of the symposium:


Symposium on November 26 and 27, 2003

At National College of Mining, Paris (l'Ecole Nationale des Mines de Paris)

60, Bld Saint-Michel 75006 Paris




Lehn H. 9h30 à 9h45  Ing. des Arts et Métiers Paris  Introduction (Introduction)

Kuznetsov V. Myshinskii G.V. 9h45 à 10h30  Inst. Unifié Rech. Nucléaires Doubna,  Nuclear Transmutations of Chemical Elements at Low Energy  (Transmutations à basse énergie des Eléments chimiques)

Porringa M. 10h45 à 11h30  Directeur de Recherches Canada Low Energy Fusion Experiments and Theories (Low energy fusion experiments and Theories)

Bottolier H. 12h00 à 12h45  Physicien nucléaire Aix en Provence  Isotopic Anomalies in Various Natural Phenomena and Possible Relation with Nuclear Phenomena at Low Enerigy (Anomalies isotopiques dans divers phénomènes naturels et possible intervention de phénomènes nucléaires à basse énergie)

Urutskoev L. 14h00 à 14h45  RECOM Inst. Kurchatov Moscou  Review of Experiments of Nuclear Transmutations at Low Energy (Vue d'ensemble sur les expériences de transmutation à basse énergie)

Rambaut M. 15h00 à 15h45  Physicien nucléaire Paris  Accumulation of Electrons and Nuclear Fusion Reactions (Accumulations d'électrons et fusion nucléaire)

Ivoilov N. 16h15 à 17h00  Univ. Phys. des solides Kazan  Effect of gExternal Radiationh on the Moessbauer Spectra of 57Fe (Effet du "rayonnement étrange" sur le spectre Moessbauer du Fe57)


Bibérian J.P 9h30 à 10h15  Université Marseille  Recent Experimental Results on the Nuclear Reactions at Low Energy (Résultats récents sur les réactions nucléaires à basse énergie)

Dufour J. 10h30 à 11h15  CNAM Paris  Exothermal Reactions by Strong Currents through Metals and Reaction Energy of Nuclear Order (Réactions exothermiques par courants forts dans des métaux et énergie de réaction d'ordre nucléaire)

Filippov D. à Rukhadze H. à Urutskoev L. 11h45 à 12h30  Inst. Kurchatov et Inst. Phys. Ac. Moscou  Effect of Outer Shell Electrons on the Stability of Nuclei and Their Ratioactivity (Influence des électrons périphériques sur la stabilité des noyaux et leur radioactivité)

Lochak G. 15h00 à 15h45  Fond. Louis de Broglie Paris  Magnetic Monopoles of Leptons and Weak Interactions (Monopôles magnétiques leptoniques et interactions faibles)


2. JCF5 was held in Kobe, Japan

 The 5th Conference of JCF (Japan CF-Research Society) was held in Kobe, Japan at December 15-16, 2003. The program of the Conference is copied below. I could not attend the Conference with bad communication after my return to Japan on the 1st of September. In the Conference, we can find out several interesting reports in the Program and the Abstract which we can read on the JCF Webpage


Program of JCF5 Meeting (Japan CF‑Research Society)

Date and Place: December 15-16, 2003, at Conference Hall, Academic Exchange Center, Fukae Campus, Kobe University, Kobe, Japan

Paper presentation: oral presentation 25 min.+ discussion 5 min., language; English or Japanese

Book of abstract: to be distributed at site, also to be available at JCF home page


December 15 (Mon.), 2003

9:00‑9:50 Registration

9:50‑10:00 Opening Address (A. Kitamura, Kobe U.)

Beam Session (Chairman: H‑ Yamada, Iwate U.)

10:00‑10:30 JCF5-1  T. Minari et al. (Kobe U.): Experiments to Confirm 7Li(d, nƒ¿)4He Reaction Rate Enhancement in Liquid Lithium

10:30‑11:00 JCF5-2  Y. Awa et al. (Kobe U.): D(d, p)t Reaction Rate Enhancement and its Dependence on Target Material under Irradiation of D Ions

11:00‑11:30 JCF5-3  J. Kasagi (Tohoku U.): Screening energy of DD reactions in metals

11:30‑12:00 JCF5-4 A. Takahashi et al‑ (Osaka U.): Detection of d + alpha channel by 3D fusion

[‑‑ lunch (12:00‑13:00) ]

Discharge, Laser, Magnetic field, etc. Session (Chairman: A. Takahashi, Osaka U.)

13:00-1330 JCF5‑5 S. Narita et al. (Iwate U.): Observation of Nuclear Reaction in Glow Discharge Experiment Using Deuterated Palladium Electrode

13:30‑14:00 JCF5-6 F. Celani et al. INFN-LNF): Measurements of new elements in Pd‑H2 thin films

14:00‑14:30 JCF5-7 K. Kamada: Heating of Heavy Water by Acoustic Wave Propagation in Magnetic Field and Phonon Maser Action of Deuteron

14:30‑15:00 JCF5-8 T. Mizuno et al. (Hokkaido U.): Neutron emission from D2 gas under magnetic field at low temperature

[break (30 nun) ‑]­

Electrolysis Session (Chairman: Y. Iwamura, Mitsubishi H.I.)

15:30‑16:00 JCF5‑9 T. Ohmori et al. (Hokkaido U.): Anomalous Isotopic Distribution of Palladium Generated during the Light Water Electrolysis on Palladmin and Palladium/Gold Alloy Electrodes and Their Reaction products

16:00‑16:30 JCF5-10 F. Celani et al. (INFN-LNF): Further tests on composition and isotopic anomalies when Pd thin cathodes are electrolysed, in acidic C2H5OD/D2O mixture added with Th-Hg salts at micromolar concentration.

16:30‑17:00 JCF5‑11 T. Aoki et al. (Tsukuba U.): Search for neutrons from Pd cathodes during alternate electrolysis of heavy and light water

17:00‑17:30 JCF5-12 M. Fujii et al. (Yokohama N.U.): Heat Measurement During Light Water  Electrolysis Using Multilayer Cathodes

[17:30‑18:00 JCF Annual Meeting

18:00‑20:00 Reception]


December 16 (Tue.), 2003

Gas Permeation Session (Chairman: K. Ota, Yokohama N.U.)

10:00‑10:30 JCF5‑13 T. Itoh et al. (Mitsubishi H.I.): Depth Profile and Surface Distribution of Deposited and Transmuted Elements on Pd Complexes using D2 Gas Permeation Method

10:30‑11:00 JCF5‑14 Y. Iwamura et al. (Mitsubishi H.I.): Correlation between Deuterium Flux through Pd Complexes and Quantity of Nuclear Products using D2 gas Permeation Method

11:00‑11:30 JCF5‑15 T. Higashiyama et al. (Osaka U.): The Phenomena of Nuclear Transmutation by D2 Gas Permeation Through Pd Complex

11:30‑12:00 JCF5‑16 H. Yamada et al. (Iwate U.): Elemental Analysis on Pd‑foil Surface by TOF‑SIMS after Hydrogen Permeation at Room Temperature

[‑‑‑ lunch (12:00‑13:00) ‑]

Theory Session (Chairman: T. Mizuno, Hokkaido U.)

13:00‑13:30 JCF5-17 A. Takahashi (Osaka U.): Clean Fusion by Tetrahedral and Octahedral Symmetric Condensations

13:30‑14:00 JCF5‑18 M. Ohta et al. (Osaka U.): Analysis of Nuclear Transmutation as Secondary  Reactions of Multibody-fusion

14:00‑14,30 JCF5‑19 K. Tsuchiya (Tokyo N.C.T.): Quantum States of Charged Bose Particles in Solids

14:30‑15:00 JCF5‑20 H. Yamamoto: Revisiting Anomalous Explosion of Hydrogen and Oxygen Mixture from a View Point of Cold Fusion

15:00‑15:30 JCF5-21 N. Yabuuchi (High Sci. Res. Lab.): Nuclear‑fusion chemistry through nucleonic liquid crystals

(Papor Only) JCF5‑22 H. Bottollier-Curtet: Unknown Nuclear effects and Abnormal Isotopic Compositions


3DInternational Society of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ISCMNS) is Established

Following mail was sent to the Office of JCF informing establishment of the above society.iJCF-mail:00112j


Dear Colleague,

     We are writing to inform you that a new society, the International Society of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ISCMNS), is being formed.  Information about the society (including its goals, membership, meetings, and interim constitution) is available at