CFRL English News No. 41 (2002. 10. 10)

Cold Fusion Research Laboratory (Japan) Dr. Hideo Kozima, Director

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   This is the CFRL News (in English) No. 41 for Cold Fusion researchers published by Dr. H. Kozima, now at the Physics Department and Low Energy Nuclear Laboratory, Portland State University.

This issue contains following items:

1) Brief Report of ICENES2002

2) First Announcement of ICCF10

3) gThe Cold Fusion Phenomenon and Its Application to Energy Production and Nuclear Waste Remediationh presented at ICENES2002


1 Brief Report of ICENES2002

 The 11th International Conference on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems (ICENES2002) was held as posted in the previous News No.39 in Albuquerque on September 29 – October 3 at Sheraton Old Town Hotel.

 There are more than seventy participants from all over the world and enthusiastic discussions on emerging nuclear energy systems. Proceedings of this conference will be published in November as announced by the program Chair Dr. T.A. Mehlhorn.

 Following is a brief personal report of presentations selected arbitrarily from about sixty presentations. More details of the program are read in the ICENES Website

 There are three main branches in the Conference; Fission, Hot Fusion and Cold Fusion and Others.

1. Fission Related Researches.

 The biggest problem in this branch was the nuclear waste close up recently in terms of the 9.11 attack. Several ideas for waste transmutation were presented where used traditional techniques we have obtained in fission and fusion researches.

2. Hot Fusion Related Researches.

 The ITER project is explained in the flow from JET to ITER and to a Fusion Power Plant. Small fusion machines in addition to laser, inertial and Z-pinch machines are discussed in this branch. Techniques in this branch are also related with the waste transmutation problem mentioned above.

3. Cold Fusion Related Researches.

 This branch is a new in this Conference and only a few papers of cold fusion phenomenon are presented.

My paper gThe Cold Fusion Phenomenon and Its Application to Energy Production and Nuclear Waste Remediationh concentrated in the introduction of the Cold Fusion Phenomenon (CFP) to people not intimate this problem after the upheaval period of 1989 – 1990. The experimental facts summarized in this paper will give them various ideas to apply CFP.

John Dashfs paper gEffects of Hydrogen Isotopes on Radioactivity of Uraniumh have given data showing decay time shortening of 238U in electrolytic and also discharge systems due to the CFP. Its interpretation is not clear yet even if the neutron drops proposed by H. Kozima may play an important role to realize this effect.

G.H. Mileyfs paper gLow Energy Reaction Cell for Portable Powerh is a presentation based on his data with cathodes of the multiple thin-film layers made of Ni, Pd and Ti with thickness about 500 A. (Also presented at ICCF9). Familiar atmosphere of the conference made the discussion intimate and effective.

There are many other papers should be introduced in this report but I leave them to the Proceedings of the Conference will be published in a month.

4. Others

A.B. Karabut gResearch Into Powerful Solid X‑Ray Laser (Wavelength is 0. 8 ‑ 1.2 nm) with Excitation of High Current Glow Discharge Ions.h

He reported an X-ray laser emission from discharge systems with transition metal cathodes (Ti, Ni, Pd, W etc.) and hydrogen and deuterium gas at voltages of 500 – 2500 V.


Finally, the next Conference g12th International Conference on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems (ICENES2005) is decided to be held in Belgium under the Program Chair Dr. Hamid Ait Abderrahim on the end of August, 2005. Information about this Conference will be obtained in the following addresses:




2 First Announcement of ICCF10

Following announcement was sent from Organizing Committee of ICCF10.


Dear colleague:

ICCF10 will take place August 24-29, 2003, at the Boston Royal Sonesta Hotel (which is in Cambridge) Massachusetts, USA. We have succeeded in getting a special room rate of $99/night for the conference.

A conference website has been set up at  This website contains information about the conference, and will be used for pre-registration, registration, abstracts and announcements. 

We encourage you to pre-register since this will help us to estimate the number of people who will attend.  Also, by pre-registering, you will allow us to have updated contact information which will help us to provide additional correspondence about the conference.  In particular, we are planning to forward additional mailings, beginning on a monthly basis, potentially with more frequent, additional updates, as the date of the conference approaches. If you do not wish to receive any of the additional mailings, please respond to this EMAIL and use the word "Unsubscribe" as the subject of your message.

                                 Peter Hagelstein, ICCF10 Chair

                                 Scott Chubb, ICCF10 Technical Chair


3. My Presentation at ICENES2002 gThe Cold Fusion Phenomenon and Its Application to Energy Production and Nuclear Waste Remediationh

 This paper was presented at ICENES2002 in Albuquerque on Oct. 2, 2002. The content of this presentation was abundant and the paper to be published in Proceedings of this Conference is limited by its space to give full understanding. So, I attach to this News my presentation given at the Conference as a separate PDF file (ICENES2002Presentation.pdf).