CFRL English News No. 37 (2002. 7. 20)

Cold Fusion Research Laboratory (Japan)  Dr. Hideo Kozima, Director

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   This is the CFRL News (in English) No. 37 for Cold Fusion researchers published by Dr. H. Kozima, now at Physics Department and the Low Energy Nuclear Laboratory, Portland State University.

This issue contains following items.

1) 11th International Conference on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems

2) APS Executive Boardfs Statement on Violation of Physical Principles


1. 11th International Conference on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems

   The following announcement was sent to participants of ICCF9 from the Organizing Committee of ICENES at the end of June. Some papers submitted to the Conference have already been accepted for presentation. It seems that the cold fusion phenomenon has been recognized by serious scientists as real events occurring in solids with some possibilities for useful applications.

   Other evidences of this tendency are the positive comments by T. Dolan , a hot fusion scientist, at the final session on the presentations at ICCF9 and the reported article in an Italian news paper by Prof. Carlo Rubbia of ENEA (Ente per le Nuove tecnologie, lfEnergia e lfAmbiente, Italy) of cold fusion phenomenon as a serious scientific object.


Announcement of ICENES 2002


11th International Conference on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems

Presented by

UNM Office of the Vice Provost for Research; UNM Chemical & Nuclear Engineering; Sandia National Laboratories; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Los Alamos National Laboratory;
and other sponsoring in progress

International ICENES Chair:  J. M. Martinez-Val (Spain)

Program Chair:  Dr. Thomas A. Mehlhorn; Conference Coordinator:  Barbara L. Daniels

29 September – 4 October 2002

Sheraton Old Town Hotel, 800 Rio Grande NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104  (505-843-6300; 800-237-2133)

General Information

Mark your calendar for ICENES 2002¾the 11th conference on emerging nuclear energy systems!  The objective of the con­ference is to discuss, on a broad international basis, the state of various advanced and non-conventional concepts for nuclear energy production.  The results of developments to be discussed could contribute to the sustainability of future energy produc­tion.  This open public forum brings together international leaders in government, industry, and academe for discussions.  Sessions are planned on the following topics (sessions may be organized on additional topics as needed): 

˜      ˜      Accelerator Driven Systems

˜      ˜      Nuclear Waste

**A special workshop on PIC and Hybrid/ PIC modeling related to dense plasmas and beam interaction physics at ultrahigh intensities is also planned and will complement the technical sessions.

˜      ˜      Advanced Fission

˜      ˜      PW (Petawatt) Lasers

˜      ˜      Applications

˜      ˜      Space Nuclear Power

˜      ˜      Fusion Energy

˜      ˜      Space Propulsion

The opening session on 30 Sept (Mon) will feature keynote presentations.  Technical sessions will follow the opening session  and continue through 3 Oct (Thurs).  The posters will be on display throughout the conference.  Panel discussions may be included in the program as appropriate.  Special events are planned (check the webpage for details).  Lunch will be served on-site to facilitate continuing discussions.  The official language of ICENES 2002 will be English.


ICENES 2002 registration forms with fees must be received for each registrant, including all presenters in the technical sessions (oral and poster).  The registration fee (US funds) is $475 before 5 Aug. and $525 after 5 Aug.  The fee includes the welcome reception; continental breakfasts; lunches; the special evening event (reception and tour of the Albuquerque Museum with dinner in the sculpture garden); admittance to all sessions; and one copy each of the Program/Abstracts book and Pro­ceedings.  Any conference tours conducted are not included and will be assessed separately.  Payment may be made by credit card (VISA, Mastercard), or check made payable to UNM/ISD.  For information on payment including wire transfers, contact the Registrar, Deborah G. Cole (505-272-7215; fax 272-7256;  The conference hotel is the Sheraton Old Town where a room rate of $109/night (1-2 persons) has been secured; the cutoff date for the roomblock is 30 Aug.  Please identify yourself as an ICENES 2002 registrant.  US government rate accommodation may be available.

Request for Abstracts / Call for Papers (deadline extended to 31 July--FINAL)

Potential presenters for ICENES 2002 are required to submit an abstract of 800 words or less, with your name, organization, address, tel. no., fax no., e-mail address, and sponsoring agency by 31 July.  Send the abstract, formatted for Microsoft Word Version 6.0 or later, as an attachment to an email, directly to the ICENES Coordinator (address below).  Notification of acceptance or rejection of the submittals will be sent out as the abstracts are received.  The Program Committee will decide whether the paper will be presented orally or through a poster presentation, but you should indicate your preference when submitting.  The electronic presentation must be compatible with Microsoft Power Point 97 or later.  (Overheads and slides will not be accepted in lieu of a narrative style paper; however, these materials may be incorporated within the paper.  Pdf and LaTex formats are not acceptable and will not be used.)  The papers will be compiled, edited, and bound in the Proceedings, which will be distributed following the conference.  NOTE:  The full presentation in the form of a narrative paper (not to exceed 12 pages) should be received before the conference, by 2 September.  Presentations must be non-proprietary and prepared for a public forum.  The Call for Papers / Registration brochure, Registration form, Guide for Presenters, Preliminary Program, Final Program, and other information will be posted on the webpage as it is available.  Contact the ICENES 2002 Coordinator if you have questions. 

For general information on conference activities, contact Barbara L. Daniels, ICENES 2002 Coordinator (ISD / Meetings Services, 801 University SE, Suite 300, Albuquerque, NM 87106; tel 505-272-7214; fax 505-272-7256; e-mail,  (For information on ICENES 2000, see the webpage: (  Remember the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, 5-13 Oct. (, so plan to stay for 800+ hot air balloons.

For ICENES 2002, watch the webpage for updates. Last update 7/18/02.


2) APS Executive Boardfs Statement of June 22, 2002.

   It is reported that the American Physical Society (APS) decided to speak out against discussions and research ignoring physical principles which have been confirmed in the history of science during the last century and which form the basis of modern science and technology. The present author absolutely agrees with the APSfs opinion even if those principles may have their limitation in application to ranges outside our present knowledge. Fortunately, the cold fusion phenomenon (CFP) is, from my point of view, in the range of their applicability and we need not explore new principles to treat physics of CFP.

Whatfs New (June 28, 2002) by Bob Park reported gSo, on Saturday, 22 June, the Executive Board of the American Physical Society unanimously adopted the following statement:

"The Executive Board of the American Physical Society is concerned that in this period of unprecedented scientific advance, misguided or fraudulent claims of perpetual motion machines and other sources of unlimited free energy are proliferating. Such devices would directly violate the most fundamental laws of Nature, laws that have guided the scientific advances that are transforming our world." g