CFRL English News No. 18 (November 10, 2000)

 Cold Fusion Research Laboratory      Prof. Hideo Kozima.


   This is CFRL News (in English) No. 18 translated from Japanese version published for friend researchers of Cold Fusion Research Laboratory directed by Dr. H. Kozima in Portland State University. The e-mail address in PSU is

   In this issue, there are following articles.

1)   A new paper has been submitted to Fusion Technology.

2)   JCF2 was held in Sapporo, Japan.

3)   RCCNT8 was held in Sochi, Russia.

An article “A message to Cold Fusion (3)” by Prof. T. Sawada appeared in the Japanese version is not included in this English version because its English translation is neither submitted yet nor preceding parts (1) and (2).


1)   H. Kozima, J. Warner, G. Goddard and J. Dash, “Reality of "the Super-nuclear Interaction" in Metal Hydrides and Deuterides Verification by Numerical Calculations for PdH (D)” (submitted to Fusion Technology)

 This paper is the successor of the previous paper (News No. 17, article 1) and investigates concretely a nuclear interaction between two lattice nuclei mediated by occluded hydrogen isotopes using experimental data about hydrogen wavefunctions of a proton and deuteron in transition metals.


2) JCF2 (The Second Meeting of Japan CF-Research Association), October 21- 22, Sapporo, Japan.

 The Second Meeting of JCF was held and 28 papers were presented. Abstracts of these papers can be seen in the following Webpage:

And also the OHP transparencies can be seen in the following Webpage:

M. Ohta of Osaka University presented following paper by us.


M. Ohta, H. Kozima, M. Fujii, K. Arai and H. Kudoh, “Possible Explanation of He-4 Production in Pd/D_{2} System by TNCF Model”

Abstract of this paper can also be read in the above Webpage.


3) RCCNTCE8 (8-th Russian Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutation of Chemical Elements) Dagomus, Sochi, October 4 - 11, 2000.

   The Russian Conference, has been held almost annually for these several years, was held this year by the name written above. 38 papers had been submitted as written in the Brochure and almost of them were presented at the Conference.

   The Brochure includes Abstracts of papers in English and in Russian except some with only in Russian. It seems possible to obtain the Brochure from Yu.N. Bazhutov or I.V. Goryachev (E-mail address: by 4.5 rubles (written in the back cover).

   More details of this Conference will be introduced in the next News No. 19.