CFRL English News No.6 (November 10, 1999)

        Cold Fusion Research Laboratory    Dr. Hideo Kozima


   This is CFRL News (Cold Fusion Research Laboratory News) in English No.6.

   In this issue, there are following items:

1)   Summary of our paper published in Fusion Technol.,

2)   Introduction to our paper to be published in Rep. Fac. Science, Shizuoka Univ. Vol. 45 (2000),

3)   About our paper sent to Il Nuovo Cimento,

4)   Our three papers to be published in IJHE,

5)   My article appeared in Radiological Sciences,

6)   Introduction to a paper by J.O’M. Bockris where is described about the TNCF model (Infinite Energy),

7)   Aftereffect of Miley’s award in NERI Project of DOE.


) Following paper submitted September 1998 was finally published in Fusion Technol. Vol.36, (1999):

 H. Kozima, K. Arai, M. Fujii, H. Kudoh. K. Yoshimoto and K. Kaki, “Nuclear Reactions in Surface Layers of Deuterium-Loaded SolidsFusion Technol. 36, 337 (1999).


   Using the concept of the neutron Bloch wave presented previously, the possibility of an effective nuclear reaction of a thermal neutron and a nucleus in a boundary region of crystals is determined. Many experimental data of nuclear transmutations in the surface layer or surface region of solid materials loaded with deuterium supposedly induced by nuclear reactions with a thermal neutron are investigated using the nature of the neutron Bloch wave in solids. The physics of the nuclear reaction phenomena is discussed in the trapped neutron catalyzed fusion model.


2) H. Kozima and K. Kaki, “Anomalous Nuclear Reactions in Solids revealed by CF ExperimentsReport of Faculty of Science, Shizuoka Univ. Vol. 45 (2000).

   This volume of the annual periodical will be published in March 2000. In this paper, we have tried to elucidate characteristics of nuclear reactions occurring in solids, consistently explained by the TNCF model,  in contrast with those in free space. The TNCF model is phenomenological and the investigation given in this paper is a tentative one from a viewpoint on the first principle but is a sound step to a goal of “physics of nuclear reactions in solids” to be accomplished in near future on the achievement of CF research. In this periodical, I have published several papers including “How the Cold Fusion occurs” (1994), “How the Cold Fusion occurs (2)” (1998). It is an important character of such a periodical as this to be a medium open to papers with new ideas and approaches difficult to be published in established journals.


3) Our paper submitted to Il Nuovo Cimento

H. Kozima, M. Ohta, M. Fujii, K. Arai, H. Kudoh and K. Kaki, “Analysis of Energy Spectrum of Neutrons in Cold Fusion Experiments on the TNCF Model

has been resubmitted according to the request of the editor with revision to include new data appeared in Il Nuovo Cimento Vol.112A, p.607 (1999). In this new paper by Botta et al., they observed neutron spectra in two runs out of six with Ti shaving and sponge samples. The spectra are different in their shape each other, one with a maximum around 2.5 MeV and the other wide spread from 0.4 to 7.6 MeV without remarkable maximum. This new data show clearly qualitative reproducibility with null results of the CF phenomenon, the fundamental riddle only explained by the TNCF model. They have also declared that N_{He} is very large compared with N_{n}. These facts confirmed by precision measurements performed by experienced nuclear physicists show that fundamental reactions responsible to CF phenomenon are not the d-d direct reactions supposed first by researchers and critics.


4) Our three papers accepted by International Journal of Hydrogen Energy have proofread recently and will be published soon.

   In these papers, we have analyzed the important works by Bockris’s group in Texas A&M University, which we had not analyzed before only because we did not get the papers.


5) My review paper “Present Status of Cold Fusion Research” has appeared in No. 10 and 11 of Radiological Science (in Japanese) published by Jitsugyo-Kouhousha Co. Ltd.

In this paper, I have given an up-dated review in a popular form.


6J.O’M. Bockris and E.F. Mallove, “Is the Occurrence of Cold Nuclear Reactions Widespread Throughout Nature?Infinite Energy 27, 29 (1999)

A copy of this paper was supplied to the writer from Mr. H. Yamamoto of Yamaha Motors Co. Ltd. to whom thanks are dedicated.

As was described in my book “Discovery”, I have had an opinion that the CF phenomenon from the excess heat and nuclear products generations in light and heavy water systems to biotransmutation should be explained consistently by one point of view, i.e. by the TNCF model. The authors of the above paper seem to be on the same standpoint as ours. I have exchanged our opinion with Prof. J.O’M. Bockris and I think he understand the TNCF model fairly well and his comment on my model cited below is correct as far as the explanation tells.

In general, however, it is difficult to evaluate a model correctly. The TNCF model explains whole events (including light-water system) in CF phenomenon consistently with several exceptions including the one pointed out by Bockris et al. in the sentence cited below. I have to emphasize following nature of a model in Science: A model is a working hypothesis and is enough to give a systematic and self-consistent explanation of whole events in the field with which the model is concerned even if its bases are not fully explained from the First Principle. This nature of a model has been easily ignored in criticism against the TNCF model, unfortunately, even in the paper written by Professor Bockris as seen in the sentences related with my model:

 “The material on D-Pd is summarized in the book by Kozima^5 (5. Kozima, H. “Discovery of the Cold Fusion Phenomenon” Ohtake Shuppan Inc. Tokyo, Japan.) (p. 29)

“Biotransmutations are well discussed --- and by Kozima.^{5} ----

---Kozima^{5} has made a detailed case in which neutrons in the ambient enter all substances and are trapped there. These entities then undergo various reactions with Li, H, D, T, etc., and produce the observed effects. Although Kozima’s model serves to explain the widespread nature of the effects (he sees neutrons as being “in” everything), his numerical analyses show the required neutron concentration to vary from 10^4 to 10^13 cc^-1 in D-Pd to achieve consistence, with results and this seems too large a range for consistency. Stress is put in Kozima’s model on reaction with Li^6 but it was shown in 1990 by Appleby and Srinivasan^29 at Texas A&M that there was no difference in the heat evolved in Pd-LiOD in systems containing only Li^6 and those containing natural Li.” (p. 32)

 The null effect of ^{6}Li by Appleby et al. is a rare case which is inconsistent with the model and we leave it open question for a while considering vast materials consistently explained by the model. The explanation of light-water system given in the book “Discovery” did not include important data by Bockris’ group, which were introduced in News No.2 and analyzed in three papers to be published in Intern. J. Hydrogen Energy as explained above in the article (4). In the second edition of my book “Discovery” planned to be published next year, I will include these results in addition to new data to be presented in ICCF8 in Lerici, Italy. Thus, It will be accomplished more sufficient treatment of whole events in the CF phenomenon from a unified viewpoint based on the TNCF model.


7) In the previous News No.5, I have given a brief comment on the NERI Project of DOE where accepted Miley’s work after peer reviewing. By a report appeared in Infinite Energy No.27and one in Science Vol.285, the work by Miley has been reviewed additionally by claims from R.L. Park of American Physical Society and others. In reality, G.H. Miley has not received money for his work yet even though others received.

It is said “As a result, Miley’s funding of approximately $100,000 has been held up by DOE, pending “review” of the science behind the award by an un-named panel of three individuals.”

  This is an ugly story not expected usually in science community. It seems science became politics, scientists became politicians in the modern world. Scientific spirit is dying away in physicists but remains in some politicians as Senator Bob Smith write as follows in a letter to DOE officials:

“I would encourage DOE to reconsider its placing of additional impediments in the way of this research project. Miley’s research might be of great benefit to the problem of nuclear waste disposal, or it might prove that results seen in similar experiments were merely from accidental contamination. Either way, the research he proposes could be valuable. This grant represents an opportunity for DOE to show it is not closed to new ideas and approaches.”

In the present stage of physics, it is sometimes misunderstood that mathematical physicists who are only interested in principles governing a most elemental stage of the material world know everything except beyond realm of quarks. Phenomena occurring in complex systems as typhoon and earthquake are recognized as ones difficult to explain by a simple theory even if they are intimate with social life of mankind. The same situation as in typhoon and earthquake is also in cold fusion phenomenon occurring in another complex system. Difficulty in treating a complex system is intentionally ignored in estimation of experimental results obtained in the CF phenomenon and deteriorated its value to exclude scientific evaluation and to cut support for it if it is very important and beneficial for society in its application.  It is usual to try vested benefits keep forever, even in the Palace of Truth.