CFRL English News No.1 (June 10, 1999)

 Cold Fusion Research Laboratory Prof. Hideo Kozima (KOZIMA HIDEO in Japanese)


   This is CFRL News (in English) No.1 translated from Japanese version published for friend researchers of Cold Fusion Research Laboratory directed by Dr. H. Kozima..

  In this issue, there are following items.

1) An article from net circle “Vortex” by Dr. R. Murray,

2) On the experiment by L. Case,

3) Introduction of my TNCF model by Dr. J.O’M. Bockris at SSE Conference. .


1) In the net circle “Vortex”, there appeared a positive article for CF by R. Murray.

“June 7, 1999   Hello, I am very pleased to tell of a report by Mike McKubre [] of Stanford Research Institute on on-going research on Les Case's cell. It uses a commercial porous carbon catalyst, coated with palladium, to catalyze D2 gas at 3 atm into helium, producing steady heat output and a linear rise of helium to almost 11 ppm, twice the background of 5.2 ppm, from day 5 to 30 of the run.  The sealed 50 cc metal cell is connected directly to a highly sensitive mass spectrometer, well able to totally separate out the D2 peak from the helium peak.  A control run with H2 produced absolutely no effects. The heat output of about .5 to 1.0 W was compatible with the reaction: 2 D 4^He + 24 MeV. About a dozen Case cells have been run, with a success rate of about one in two or three.

  There are some tricks in getting it to work: the catalyst has to be cleaned and kept clean. The fact that the cells can not always be made to work increases the credibility of the report in my eyes, as I would expect a simple artifact to occur every time, since the output helium rises in a simple, untroubled line.  My meager wits are unable to imagine any applicable artifact.  Therefore, I expect this breakthrough success to continue at SRI, and to be speedily replicated by other labs. In addition, since in physics, the basic rule is that what is not prohibited is mandatory, then we must give much greater credence to the vast body of reports of the many varieties of cold fusion in the last ten years.  The seedling has not expired, and deserves copious watering.  Without being specific, McKubre said that theoretical progress was being made.

   McKubre, lucid, calm, confident, pleased, said that the evidence for excess heat was "essentially overwhelming," and told me, "Les Case is an incredible man."

   McKubre also reported successful production of excess heat with a palladium & heavy water electrolytic cell. McKubre spoke at 4:40 PM Thursday, June 3, 1999, at the Society for Scientific Exploration 18th Annual Meeting, Northrop Hall, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, June 3-5.  The first afternoon session was for cold fusion.  George Miley of the Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Lab at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [] presented his well-known claims of massive nuclear transmutations in plated 1 mm plastic beads, coated with Ni, Pd, or, in Run # 15, Ti, a metal not previously publicly mentioned to my knowledge, in weeks of electrolysis in light water.  These two dozen runs were done in 1996.”


The work by L.Case is reported affirmatively in the above letter. The sample, the porous carbon catalyst coated with palladium, used by him seems like one we tried in Shizuoka University several years ago when M.S. M. Ohta, now in Osaka University, was here and obtained null result. The surface of the porous carbon cathode should be covered with Pd thin layer responsible to nuclear reactions between hydrogen isotopes and elements in the cathode by the catalytic effect of trapped neutrons.


3) In the same e-mail letter of Vortex, there is a sentence reporting an introduction of the TNCF model by J.O’M. Bockris at SSE (Society of Scientific Exploration) 18 (1999). Following is the related part of the letter:

“Our distinguished and amiable chairperson was John Bockris [], who mentioned that Hideo Kozima is publishing a 350-page book, reviewing the field in the light of his trapped cold neutron theory [ ].” (E-mail address renewed at Jan. 2000 in translation. H.K.)

   Bockris himself mailed me his message for a preprint of the paper sent him before where analyzed consistently and successfully his excellent data of tritium detection for the first time by the TNCF model. In the mail, he says “It is very fine” for our analysis of his data which were deteriorated by G. Taubes in his scandalous book.

   We have analyzed their data of simultaneous observation of tritium and helium-4 obtained in 1992 and sent preprint him, already. His data of Nuclear Transmutation (NT) obtained in 1995 have been copied and sent us from Mr. H. Yamamoto of Yamaha Motors Inc. and will be analyzed soon.


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