Hiraizumi Goodwill Guides

What is a Goodwill Guide?
A Goodwill Guide is a volunteer guide registered with the Japan National Tourism
Organization (JNTO)
for the purpose of helping foreign visitors to enjoy their stay.

Who are the Hiraizumi Goodwill Guides?
We provide free interpreting guide services for foreign visitors and tourists in Hiraizumi,
which was designated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in June 2011.
At present, English, Chinese, and German guides are available.

Recommended places of interest in Hiraizumi.
1 Chusonji temple- The most outstanding feature is the Golden Hall (Konjikido) which
was the first building to be designated as a national treasure in Japan. The Golden Hall
is lavishly decorated with gold leaf, mother of pearl inlay, and many precious jewels.

2 Motsuji temple- It is designated both as a special historic site and a special place of
scenic beauty. Its Jodo garden (pure land garden) is considered to be a representation of
Jodo or Buddhist afterlife paradise.

3 Takkoku no Iwaya- Its Bishamondo Hall is built partially into a cliffside. So it is also
called a cave temple. It was built by the great general Sakanoue no Tamuramaro who
defeated the local rulers of this region in 801. He built this hall to express his gratitude
for the victory.

colored leavesjodo gardenbishamondo hall

What is our fee?
Since our service is provided by volunteers, no fee is necessary for the guide.
But we 'd appreciate it very much if you would pay the guide 's travel expenses( 1000yen) and lunch
when our service covers morning and afternoon hours.

How to apply?
Please contact us by e-mail one week in advance.
E-mail: rockhands@catv-mic.ne.jp