Libby Titus 1977

Libby Titus 2nd Album

Artist : Libby Titus

Title : Libby Titus (2nd Album)

Label : CBS Records

Record No./Release : PC34152 / 1977

Credit : Produced by Phil Ramone, Carly Simon, Paul Simon & Robbie Robertson

1977ORIGINAL U.S. LPCBS RecordsPC34152
2007.07.18RE-ISSUED JAPANESE CD with Mini LP sleeveSONY Music JapanSICP-1492

A1.Fool That I Am by Libby Titus & Al Kooper
A2.Kansas City (a/k/a-K.C.Lovin') by Jerry Lieber & Mike Stoller
A3.Can This Be My Love Affair by Libby Titus & Carly Simon
A4.The Night You Took Me To Barbados In My Dreams by Libby Titus & Hirth Martinez
A5.Love Has No Pride by Libby Titus & Eric Kaz
B1.Yellow Beach Umbrella by Judy Henske & Craig Doerge
B2.Can't Believe You're Mine by Carly Simon
B3.Miss Otis Regrets by Cole Porter
B4.Wish I Could by Carly Simon
B5.Darkness' Til Dawn by Carly Simon & Jacob Brackman

Libby TitusVocals
Phil RamoneProducer on tracks A1, A2, A3, A5, B1, B2, B4
Robbie RobertsonProducer on tracks A4, B3, Guitar on track B3
Paul Simon Co-Producer on tracks A1, A2, Back Vocal on track A1
Carly SimonCo-Producer on tracks A3, B2, B4 Producer on track B5
Garth HudsonKeyboards on track A4
Hirth MartinezGuitar & Back Vocal on track A4
John GuerinDrums on track A4, B3
Max BennettBass on track A4, B3
Michael MelvoinPiano on track A4
Larry MuhoberacPiano & Strings on track B3
Grady TateDrums on track A1, B4
Tony LevinBass on track A1, A5, B1
Don GrolnickKeyboards on track A1, A2, A3, A5, B1, B2, B4
Hugh McCrackenGuitar on track A1, A2, A3, A5, B1, B2, B4
Alan RubinFlugel Horn on track A1
Chuck IsraelBass on track A2, String Arranger on track A1
Ronny ZitoDrums on track A2
George YoungSax on track A2
Joe BeckGuitar on track A2, A3, B2, B4
Christopher ParkerDrums on track A3, B2
Ruussell GeorgeBass on track A3
Rick MarottaDrums on track A5, B1
John TropeaGuitar on track A5, B1
Ptti AustinBack Vocal on track B1, B2
Will Lee IV Jr.Bass on track B2, B4
Marvin StammTrumpet on track B4
Don BrooksHarmonica on track B4
Craig DoergeKeyboard on track B5
James TaylorBack Vocal on track B5

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